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🐢 Today's unexpected rescue of turtle from neighborhood street, rehydration and release at 40 Arpent (Canal) Wetlands Observatory

PreK 'graduation' gifts for my goddaughter: My Life horses, doll outfits and -- because who can resist - - an Adirondack chair. She already has the stable, baby horse and several dolls.

Betta *in action* • don't let the serenity fool you, if together they would fight -- perhaps to death

Hypnotic • neighbors' betta

Aesthetically pleasing retaining wall -- concrete mimicking rock

Hula-dancing seed pods -- nature's entertainment

Just ordered 6 cubic yards of this gorgeous Cascade Prep Organic Compost for the back herbaceous border

Nature's heirloom perfection. Believe it or not many gardeners disparage the exquisite forget-me-not because it is so 'old-fashioned'

"We are stewards, not masters of our earth. Each of us has a personal responsibility to care for the precious gift of God’s creation."
~ Pope Francis

The little coral bark maple in full Easter egg bloom

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