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Breana  Professional binge eater trying to create a healthy relationship with food and my body 💗 whole 30 alumni creating balance 🌞🍏 RA warrior 💜

After unintentionally fasting for 24 hours twice in a row, I did not have the patience to stage this picture any better 😂😂😂 but here’s breakfast. The next 48 hours are going to be exhausting. Work, fly to Portland, get a uhaul, pack up the other half, drive back, sleep, school, unpack and repack, deliver some furniture, return uhaul, sleep, work. 😴😴 I need a cocktail and a nap already. But I’m gonna make it. So glad I have thanksgiving off because all I want is to sleep in forever. But as anxious and exhausted as i am, i am so ready for new adventures, the next chapter and having my best friend back home ❤️ now someone get me a caffeine iv! 😂

Four am random check in 😂😂 there’s been so much going on and I’ve been eating mostly repetitive meals for the week so I haven’t shared anything in a while, but I’m doing fantastic and feeling amazing. Today’s day 14 of the whole 30, I’ve finally been able to get to sleep again so I’m beginning to feel all of the benefits of eating Whole Foods more. I’m energized, my anxiety is is down, I’m happier, I’m more efficient and I just feel good. I did however break my coffee fast already 😂😂 I made it to almost a week but life is just much better with coffee so it’s here to stay for now ☺️ hope everyone is having an amazing weekend 💕💋#whole30 #whole30alumni #whole30round2

Keep it simple 😋 chicken tenders with a salad and home made ranch dressing. ❤️ delicious and easy. I️ had planned on working a little tonight and going to the gym but I️ still didn’t sleep much last night so I’m forcing myself to slow down and practice some self care. I’m going to watch a movie, do a face mask, fix my nails, drink some tea and actually relax. Looking forward to it 😊

First frittata ever ☺️pretend that I️ remembered to take a picture before cutting it 😂😂😂 covered a slice in hot sauce and took it to go with me to school. This no coffee thing is kicking my ass Ohmygod. I️ haven’t been able to sleep much at all recently. Hoping my body will stop this sometime soon, I️ can normally practically fall asleep on command 😴 I’ve got a lot of things I’d like to get done today, doing it without coffee is looking challenging but I’m gonna try! #whole30 #whole30round2 #nocoffee #killme

Breakfast, bills, meal planning and tinctures. Adulting at its finest. Like I️ was saying in my last post, I’ve been working eliminating all mind altering substances this month to see what helps and what hinders and just how my body feels with no outside influences. I️ went a week without cannabis and I️ can for sure say that cannabis is nothing but a benefit to my life. This week without it, my arthritis pain has been through the roof and my anxiety has kept me up through most of the nights. I’m glad I️ took a week break though to really get a feel for just how helpful it is for me. I️ feel like I️ have a new found appreciation for it all over again 😂 so with breakfast I’m having some cbd rich tinctures and feeling much better already. Today’s day two without coffee though and this has by far been the hardest thing to cut out. Hopefully after some good sleep tonight, it will get easier 😂 breakfast is simple and delicious; eggs and potatoes to fuel the busy day. Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday 🌻 #whole30 #medicalmarijuana #naturalmedicine #rheumatoidarthritis #anxiety #bipolardisorder

Warning: this post is probably gonna be long af 🙈 but I’ll try to get the words out quickly. Every time I️ go to post on here when I’m restarting my depression and anxiety tell me don’t over share. Don’t say that, that sounds weird. You swear too much. You use the lamest words. Why does anyone care about that? Why even post that? And then I️ edit and re write and edit and re write until eventually I’m just like hey, here’s a salad. Anyone else get like that? But I’m crawling out of that head space little by little and fuck that voice in my head. I️ used to use this platform as a genuine way to connect with everyone and write my feelings out and it really helped. So even if people want to judge or it annoys anyone, that’s their problem and I’m going to try to get back to posting the real raw honest shit on here,even if it’s just for me to look back on.
So to start it off again, this past week has been an absolute nightmare and for some reason it only made me stronger! I’ve been pmsing and then on my period, my room mate was late on rent (financial stress kills me), it’s been raining so my arthritis has been god awful, I️ haven’t been sleeping well, my medical marijuana card expired and I️ haven’t been spending money until we could pay rent. And then I️ had this bright idea to not smoke for the whole 30 just to see how that goes (terrible if you were wondering 😂) and life has just been throwing me curve ball after curveball. But, I’ve caught each one and thrown it back in life’s face and I’m starting to feel amazing! Minus the crippling joint pain and no sleep but we’re working on those 😂 and because I’m a masochist apparently I’m going to cut out coffee for at least a week to see what it’s like to live without any substance what so ever. I might die, we’ll see. Results pending. But as I’m sitting here planning out my week in my @passionplanner , my main goals for the week are to cut out coffee and to get back in the gym. Oh, and post more 😊 hopefully you guys don’t get sick of me. I’m excited to kick some ass this week and really feel on top of everything. Happy Sunday everyone 💕😘 #yourbodyonnodrugs #depression #anxiety #bipolar #bipolarsisorder #mentalhealth

I️ love how creative the whole 30 has made me become with my food. Breakfast was kind of a kitchen sink skillet type deal with all the extras in my fridge and it was amazing. Sweet potato, sausage, mushrooms, cilantro, green onion, red onion, garlic, a little jalapeño fried up and topped with two poached eggs, an avocado and some fresh cilantro , green onion and red onion over some fresh spinach. 👌😋 there’s a lot going on over here but it tastes amazing! #whole30 #whole30alumni #whole30round2 #whole30breakfast #paleo #lowcarb

Today I️ learned that I️ hate endive 😂😂 first time trying it and it’s just way too bitter for my liking. But this Mexican tuna recipe from the whole 30 cookbook is 👌🔥 I️ added grape tomatoes cut in half and some diced red onion. I’m so excited that this is lunch for the next few days 😂 #whole30 #whole30alumni #whole30round2 #paleo #lowcarb

Made the chicken chowder from @whole30 cookbook and it was the perfect soup for this chilly night. Not overwhelmed with how good it is, but also not disappointed. It’ll be a great base to make many soups from as I️ get more creative. #whole30 #whole30food #whole30alumni #whole30round2

Hey 👋👋👋 it’s been so long since I’ve posted on here, again😂 I️ can never decide whether I️ enjoy and benefit from posting my journey or not but I️m doing another whole 30 right now so expect to at the very least see some new food posts 😋💕 I’m on day 2 and excited to feel the mental clarity and energy that comes along with good nutrition ☺️. #whole30 #whole30alumni #whole30round2

I've officially reached peak levels of basic white bitch with a pinterest 😂😂😂 sweet potatoe waffle, whole 30 Mayo, bacon, two eggs fried in ghee, sautéed spinach and mushrooms and half an avocado 😋😋😋😋 fuuuuuck this shit is bomb 🙌 its gonna be a long, long day night day whatever. I work tonight until about 3 am and then have to head to the airport at 5:30! Headed to Portland to see my boyfriend and I'm so excited 🙌😍 #whole30 #whole30approved #whole30breakfast #whole30alumni #lifeafterwhole30 #success #lowcarb #lc #lowcarbhighfat #lchf #keto #ketosis #ketogenic #eatfat #getfit #macros #myfitnesspal #mealprep #paleo #paleoish #sugaraddiction #bingeeating

Woke up too late today for therapy to make breakfast and I have to get a hair cut and then go to the gym before going home so I decided to try these new egg white bite things from Starbucks. Meh. Not really worth the 13g of carbs in here (also, where the fuck did 13g of carbs come from in some egg white bites???!) I'd give them a 4/10. Not inedible but not really worth the chemicals and carbs. Cold brew is my addiction though, that's always worth it 😂 #starbucks #whydoyoushovecarbsinwheretheyshouldntbe #notwhole30 #lowcarb

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