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Bre  Always eat dessert before dinner 🍦🍩🍰 If I share food with you (especially dessert) I must really like you

Reading buddies πŸ“š Because my Grandpa has Alzheimer's​ he will read and reread the same newspaper the entire day without ever noticing. But I always find it interesting that the articles that catch his attention never change. He will ask the same question or make the same witty comment about them as if it's his first time. I love (or rather, have learned to love) that on the 4th or even 7th time, he finds it just as interesting as he did the 1st time. #AlzheimersAwareness #bepatient #love

Was lucky enough to dive Silfra while in Iceland; diving between the Eurasian and American continental plates with 120m visibility.
Besides yoga, scuba diving is one of the only things that can stop my mind from running a million miles a second. Thanks @dpmdiving and Koh Tao for making it so easy to fall in love with this underwater sport. πŸ“·: @kerringtonh

Farewell Iceland. You were incredibly overwhelming (in the best of ways). #Iceland #ismajestic2017 #explore

I've been fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights three times while being in Iceland. Luckily @specialtours was able to document it for me while out on the boat Feb 27th (...since I am still phoneless and the tablet just wasn't cutting it). ✌ #Iceland #ismajestic2017 #tabletonly #northernlights #auroraborealis

Probably thinking about where I'll get dessert later... Jk. Just trying to see in the blizzard
#Iceland #ismajestic2017 #hotsprings #getoutside

Searching for my pot of gold so that I can afford Iceland... πŸ“·: @briannamacneil

#Iceland #ismajestic2017 #exploretheworld #getoutside

The land of ice is a pretty spectacular place.
P.s I'm now one of those super cool tourists who takes photos with a tablet πŸ™‹
#Iceland #travel #ISmajestic2017 #violentgale #tabletonly

In classic Bre fashion I managed to break my phone in recording breaking time after arriving in Iceland. As K says though, "at least I broke it at 1 of the 25 wonders of the world" (@bluelagoonis). Luckily I'm travelling with two photographers, so any pictures from this incredibly beautiful adventure in Iceland will be courtesy of @briannamacneil and @kerringtonh ✌ #Iceland #explore #travel #getoutside #ihatetechnology #hotspring #ISmajestic2017 πŸ“·: @briannamacneil

My little sister isn't so little anymore. She's an ADULT. Happy 18th Birthday K-Dog. Can't wait to adult together πŸ’•πŸ’• Love you 😘

'Sending Out A Major Love' - This wasn't just put here today, it's up on the baseball diamond all year round. Happy love day to all my friends, family and of course Ari. Don't just say/show you love someone one day a year (and no I'm not just talking to people with significant others- I mean towards friends and family too). Say it often. Show it often. And of chocolate and drink wine even more often πŸ’•

Lots of love,
#love #bethankful

Time flies. Hard to believe that this time last year I was in India for a month πŸ•‰ #yogateachertraining #rishikesh #namaste

Successfully ate my way around Ottawa with this beautiful girl AND as an added bonus I didn't even crack or loose my phone in the process (an Ottawa usual!) #adulting

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