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Breana✨  2️⃣3️⃣😎✌🏼️💙🐾🌲

Was so nice to spend a night with mi familia and watch a kick ass DBacks win! ⚾️❤️🖤

I don't think y'all understand how happy this one little word makes me!🦌🌳
#drawn #HurryNovember #girlswhohunt #AZ #Unit31 #MuleDeer

Got to have one last night out in phx with these two before they leave me for Portland!😭 But now I have an excuse to go to Oregon😉
I'm so happy for you guys and your future!! Can't wait to visit!!! I love you both to the moon and back!💕

We all have those tiny moments in life that are just so precious, you can't help but take a picture so it's saved forever...Every night before bed this little creature loves to lay on my tummy and just listen to me talk. I'll tell him about my day, future plans, my dreams, or even just vent, and he hangs on to every word. His little head will tilt left and right all the while his big ol eyes feel like peering into my soul lol.
It's cheesy but man I love this dog more than life itself. He's my best friend.💙

Mimosa tiiiiime🥂

Got some ocean therapy with the best today!! Got to see my uncles and Chevy lovvved the beach, I've never seen him so chill!! 🌊☀️🍻🐾💕
#OceanDogBeach #SanDiego #goodvibes #goodpeople #escapingreality

Selfie of the year 2k17. 😂
#MadridinthePines #FamilyPortrait #Flagstaff

Today was absolutely beautiful. The pure love these two have for each other is something one could only hope to come close to. I'm so incredibly happy for you both, especially you Trin. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY PATRYK! I love you guys!!!💍🌲💕 #MadridInThePines #MadridWedding17

The rodeo up here has been good to me these past two years, gained two best friends last year and made another one last night!🤠💕 #yeehaw #1yearfriendiversary #WorldsOldestRodeo

I have some of the greatest friends on this planet and you all know who you are, but just wanted to show some extra appreciation for this girl. She's literally the one that has been there for me through thick and thin for the last 12+ years, she's not scared to tell me like it is, and I never doubt that she has my back. I'm blessed to call you my best friend Jazzie! Love youuu!🖤
#NationalBestFriendDay #RideOrDie

I'm bad at love.
But you can't blame me for tryin.♠️

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