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BREE HANNEMANN  🌴HaWAii➰UtAH🌲 think clear, for life’s to short to not👌🏽Bali,Sylver,Seek🎶

Learning the art of breakfast 🤙🏽

To all the Daddy’s & future Daddy’s out there, happy Fathers Day. So much love to go around💋 thank you @ambermozo for always documenting the raw and special moments in our lives over all these years💛

I’m on the hunt for bathroom towels. Anyone have a specific brand that they adore? Please let me know. ☀️ (I like soft towels for after bath AND pretty towels) 💋

Manners 101 😕 #winning

5 weeks left🌞 feeling super excited and this little girl may still be my baby but she knows exactly what’s goin on. I need to start ordering stuff and I need a fresh pair of eyes. Tag your fav clothing companies, diaper bags, blankets and really anything baby related. My time is running low and I can’t seem to do the research on my own😑 help is wanted💋

Goodbye CALIFORNIA. You are always so hard to leave. Great memories are being made here💋

Oh I just can’t wait for another squishy baby! Why do they have to loose their baby rolls, smack your drink out of your hand and follow you into the bathroom even though you thought you escaped for two second? Until the 6 month phase of this new one I’ll be in pure heaven while he just cruises😊 they start out so innocent and then.... 🤨 also, Sylver really wants to be at the birth of this one. Has anyone had their 5 year old there???? He’s VERY CONSISTENT with telling me he’s COMING!!!🤩 oh jeez what to do... thanks for the pics last summer @shaylalilian & @mywildbird 💋

Oh I love this squishy bottom so much. I can’t take it. Thanks for the pic sis @earthyandy

“Good Sylver, a little to the left and you’ll be at the top in no time. I’ll just be relaxing in my chariot.” -Queen B.

Pottery class was marvelous up in SUNDANCE. Nothing broke. And they followed all the instructions. Being a mom is just WAY too easy 👌🏽@jessicajholmes knows what I’m talking about 😆 #wishfulthinking

There’s been some really DARK conversations over here about cutting Sylvers hair🤨 Sylver is sick of it being in his eyes and ppl mistaking him for a “girl” 😂 he’s always very quick to say IM NOT A GIRL MY NAME IS SYLVER👊🏽 but at the same time he is kind of in love with his blond curls. what do I do!! I’ve never even given him a trim! Scissors have never touched his head! I’m a torn big prego momma bear 🐻 #firstworldissues

HAPPY EASTER! 🐇🐣🐰 #heisrisen

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