breefs breefs

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Brianna Garcia  🇲🇽 Two Management ✌🏼️ Los Angeles 📌

Mamba Mentality 🍾 #24

scorpio season 🦂

You make me the happiest and I love every moment with you. I love to love youuuuuu! You’re the best. I love our love. Cheers to one year down and forever to go. Happy anniversary, my bebe! 💕💕

“If I did have a tumor, I’d name it Marla” 🎃

Welcome to Fight Club

i bite my straws 😝

out here living her best life🍍

tis’n the season in a sundress cause October still be hot af 🎃

a friday without hot cheetos is a sad friday

my big ass head doesn’t fit in the square crop 👽

pulp or no pulp in your oj? #pulpgang 🍊

Happy birthday, my baybay💘🎈you never fail to amaze me every day! 26 is the luckiest you’ve ever been. You eat pizza, chicken nuggets and still have solid abs... And you get to call me your girlfriend🙊