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Sarah Hussain  Stylist | Henna | Creative Consultant | Decor 📍Toronto . World 📩breathofhenna@gmail.com


'..We are a mere reflection of our interior universe. Our souls are the portal that unites our heart and feet to its gates. We can only see what we desire. No other realm could ever compare to the waves of voices echoing creativity, serenity and idealization. We carry our wonders through the eyes and ears of others but what we miss is the beauty that surrounds our existence..ourselves.

We were made as intimate universes. Our skin is our shell. Nothing could possibly penetrate through the ribbons of paths embedded into our fingertips and toes. The coding is of a greater relationship. Thankful to be around family who cherishes my silence to allow me to blossom into my desired state..' - Hussain

On the BLOG tomorrow night with a magical feature now seen in @mustbekismet_official @sahibafashions @divinemethodphoto @acedancetheatre @breathofhenna @beautybybu @rjs_company
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The reincarnation of melody editorial now featured in @mustbekismet_official is one that gave light to my heart. A harmony felt in blissful silence, which was beautifully performed by @lianabelliss @conmitt
from @acedancetheatre. 'In the moments of greatest love we parade through the doors of affirmation with a brimming heart. Approaching the darkness with recitation of our warmest desires.

In love, we can never find what is sufficient in others because we wish to see our reflection. We love those who love us. When expectations are expressed in exchange of love, we grow delicate and spineless. In efforts to truly feel love, we begin to oppose the one thing we loved most, ourself.' This Valentine's day, engaged, I sit in solitude thinking of the ones that I wish to embrace throughout my life. To know that I cannot simply have their wholes for myself but in exchange share elements of me. The darkness approaches us in ways that it can distort our vision of love, our ideals and principles of love. It can also guide us through its melody.. Photo: @divinemethodphoto
Floral Mask/Direction/Styling: @breathofhenna

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'Being bare foot never felt more liberating. Letting go of cultural reforms and breathing to my own rhythm has allowed me to travel through the doors of many homes.. Similarly, I have accepted the act of marriage but to the measures of my own. Resistance where necessary, friendship when there is a lack of understanding, a mutual share of ones own knowledge and challenges.
We need to come together as a lotus, an undying structure blossoming from the ideals that were instilled in us in our youth.
Fortunately my posture my never ideal and my mother was my backbone throughout my abnormalities..' Read more on my BLOG: Bridal Culture through this editorial, The Bedouin Bride. Leave a review or comment below. Now seen in print in @mustbekismet_official for @chandanfashion.
Muse: @bali_bassi
Art Director & Stylist: @breathofhenna
Photography: @divinemethodphoto
MUA: @beautybybu
Jewelry: @rjs_company
Rugs: @kasrapersianrugs
Florals: @youroccasionflowers
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This editorial is one that speaks about the emotions woven into the garments of South Asian women. Particularly into their armoire of sensitivity before their ruksati.

My wardrobe began to weigh with responsibility and I no longer idealized a world of freedom of expression. My culture expressed my faith and style, which endlessly curated my family's respect towards me. My selections of lawn prints and saree fittings granted others a more than intimate gaze into my world because I was confident.
The way we carry ourselves is implanted in our very roots at a tender age. I remember racing through my mother's wedding trunks just so I could wear her saree to feel more like her. I wanted to be a Bride. Seen through the Bedouin Bride, I have 5 short excerpts that I believe embrace a young woman until she is a Bride. These principles are merely lost feelings longing for a host to merge with. I simply decided I wanted to curate a shoot where women are no longer seen as furnishings but embellishments of their accomplishments. Seen through the eclectic textiles and wardrobe, I wanted to highly the emotion through the conflicts women face is their homes when expectations arise due to age and society. Honestly, I had a meltdown when I was writing this one as social media really has engulfed me with a responsibility that I owe to all of you. An even better, well written, personalized, heart felt response. This is who I am..little do I know if you read my stories. Do comment below if you have and what you think my next post should be about. - Hussain.

Art Direction/Styling/Story: @breathofhenna
Wardrobe: @chandanfashion
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The 5 stages of a Bride.

Having learned to let go of cultural reforms and breathing to ones own rhythm.
Here I am posting past midnight writing more than I should as my mind slowly falls into the clasp of my hands. I tell myself I've been writing all day on the interior walls of my mind, dreaming of a world coexisting together with culture through the colours of travel. Poetic yes I am. Liberating are my thoughts and the 'Bedouin Bride' is the perfect editorial for those whom we burden our stories with before we give them a chance to speak. It is true; allow yourself to breathe before you give a thought a voice. Take breaks in between your posts and follow up with your guidelines and deadlines. I can no longer linger around, these walls are far more blessed than those that surround my shell. A shell so strong, holy words are the only forms of ammunition that cross its path.
This beautiful photograph by @divinemethodphoto
NOW published in @mustbekismet_official
for @chandanfashion.

Art Direction & Styling: @breathofhenna
MUA: @beautybybu / Flowers: @youroccasionflowers Tapestries: @kasrapersianrugs / Jewelry: @rjs_company @bali_bassi #fashionaddict #ootd #fashionblog #blogger #fashionmagazine #fashionicon #love #culture#breathofhennastyles #breathofhenna #fashion #stylist #torontoevents #vogueindia #vogue #southasian @tfw @browngirlmag @pakistanvogue @voguemagazine @vogueindia @elleindiaofficial @ellecanada @travelandleisure @harpersbazaarart @bazaarindia @buzzfeedstyle @indiatrend @culture_indian @zardozimagazine @culturetrip @thepakistanibride @brownbadnboujee

READ ON THE BLOG TONIGHT... 'As every passing moment goes by, I allow another string on my heart to play a melody.
A tune I connect with the earth that rattled my mother's doors as I entered her womb.
The soil on the soles of my feet are from the warmer climates of the East where turmeric and sandalwood create a fine base for wisdom and social standards.
My roots still watered from the weight of hair in oils scented with hibiscus and mustard seeds.
My spine overlooking the sea towards the West. With eyes as sharp as the eagle's flight. My age is marked with entitlements to knowing the finest silks and hand cut glass. Carvings of sand and wood cut creases in between the cushion of my toes as I traveled into the storms of the unknown.
Inferior to this land, I am a woman with an adventure pierced into my back. The adornments I wear are now my reflections and experiences. I forever travel light with trunks filled with certainty and liberation.' - Hussain

EDITORIAL NOW SEEN IN @mustbekismet_official

Photo: @divinemethodphoto
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'My world exists here...
I am the colour on these walls.
For my heart is my rhythm and my breath is its base. I forever adorn myself with this rooms treasures, to never be spruced up; in no order that exists to distinguish my being. My foregoers see delight in our unity.
But what they don't feel is, I so have become foreign.

Take me the holy bath where I shall forever remember my calling..one in isolation where one can be content.'
More on this feed... NOW SEEN: The Bedouin Bride in magazine: @mustbekismet_official
Photography: @divinemethodphoto Art Direction & Styling: @breathofhenna
MUA: @beautybybu for @chandanfashion featuring jewelry from @rjs_company and @bali_bassi
Tapestries: @kasrapersianrugs

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NOW beaming in my 30s..... Happy Birthday Sarah, inserts self: 'Today the colours turn a tone closer to being a shade. My vows to the great accomplishments in life, have shortened their distance in time. My culture-clock has brought waves of challenges that I can no longer use education as an excuse for an extension. I now belong to the 30 and above class on the surveys and grants are available to me for my best words and no longer my age. Listening to my voice is like listening to a broken cassette filled with Hope that an opportunity to be 20 again will arise. Marriage is now a phase I want to pass so I can officially live my life without boundaries. Trust is an exemplary token of appreciation I hold dearly. Turning 30 today just got me in a hurry'.. Living life through my creations. Beauty enhanced where age is born still. This beautiful photograph by @divinemethodphoto
NOW published in @mustbekismet_official
for @chandanfashion.

Art Direction & Styling: @breathofhenna
MUA: @beautybybu / Flowers: @youroccasionflowers Tapestries: @kasrapersianrugs / Jewelry: @rjs_company @bali_bassi #instastyle #fashionaddict #ootd #fashionblog #blogger #fashionmagazine #fashionicon #love #culture#breathofhennastyles #breathofhenna #fashion #stylist #torontoevents #vogueindia #birthday #happybirthday #dirty30 #vogue #southasian @browngirlmag @pakistanvogue @voguemagazine @vogueindia @elleindiaofficial @ellecanada @travelandleisure @harpersbazaarart @bazaarindia @buzzfeedstyle @indiatrend @culture_indian @zardozimagazine @culturetrip @thepakistanibride @brownbadnboujee

And just as we cleanse our hearts to say our vows, our feet wish to dance one last time in welcoming a lifetime.
Photo - @monika_mistry
February has begun and the ground hog sure did she his shadow. Tonight's Henna event was wonderful. Thank you to Jas from @thebollywoodcompany.ca for referring me to your wonderful friend and family.
If you haven't already, make sure to get your tickets for the Valentine's Day Event on February 18th 2018 through The Bollywood Company. Breath of Henna is one of the many sponsors. We will be offering..
• 1 bronze diary to 1 lucky bride • A Mehndi Rasam tray (Decor items all hand painted by Breath of Henna)
• 1 COMPLIMENTARY bronze diary. Booking fee not included.

Looking forward in speaking to all our Brides. This month is close to my heart as I'm celebrating my 30th inshallah !!! Cannot wait for all the wonderful and magical projects this month!

Have a magical weekend everyone !
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January was a blessing. Thank you to all our Brides who have booked us for 2018 and Must be Kismet. February is a month where I'll be encouraging neighbouring creative vendors with their projects and some of my own. Valuing relationships, women in South Asian families, one's status based on their education and the value of growth in an artist's life. These are a handful of topics I will be measuring out with colour, texture and words. All tied together through beautiful photographs. If you are a photographer and are looking to curate with density and passion, please send me an email. For those who I have already contacted, I am so thrilled for this blessed month.
Something I've been afraid of is giving my all to projects that are born still. Hence I take my time to build a unique concept; one that touches your hearts, unveils your mind to the kindness offered through art. I am grateful to the many doors that art has given me to communicate with open arms to new and old friends. Indulge with those surrounded by life and purpose.
Greatness will come your way if you put yourself out there. There is no rush. Remember, money is temporary but art is timeless.

Looking forward to the summer where I can dance while adorning all life in henna.

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Going back to Preeti's diary today and this beautiful capture of me working on her custom diary with the infamous fireball flowers I designed for her. Thank you @nizamphotography for this photo.

As a henna artist, starting out our go to patterns are the spirals and vines that seem to engulf us in our artistic zone. One that may seem easy to create, took on a very possessive and cringe inducing practice of repeats. Tomorrow is @bell_letstalk day and I'd like to take a moment to sit here with all of you and start a conversation on the comfort of the practices we take part in.

The spiral: the shape that infinitely connects us to the roots of life, mathematically aligned to nature's very own design and possibly the way we see water go down the drain every day. This act of spinning; clockwise and counter clockwise has me thinking of the very lines and movement that I started my henna journey in..with those very spirals. The consistent practice to make each rim separate from the other while maintaining the perfect space. Why, well because it was a set example. It was the standard repeat and it had to be done because time was short for a hesitant bride and a labour intensive design would take hours.

The hill: the bump is a shape that would assist this very spiral by giving it life in the form of petals or hills as they'd be seen. Repeated just like the spiral, it was a calming shape but there would be no growth. Look at it this way, one side of you goes up and the other side of you comes down. Repeat repeat repeat.

How is this all related to mental health you ask? Why be common if you have the power and creative energy to be greater? I'm glad that these shapes have pushed a handful of artists in the world to push boundaries but everyone else is common because they're simply comfortable. Share your responses below and let's talk about growth in the henna industry. I was comfortable and made my repeats long ago. I have been myself for 4 years now, creating my own favourable paths and I've never been happier. Choose your own unique voice.. let's talk about your work and step out of anxiety and into a world of spontaneity.

#bellletstalk #mentalhealth #healing #toronto

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