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Syncing the Mind-Body System - how to align the head, the heart and the gut to become more effective, more powerful, and more YOU. Click the link in our bio to listen to Syncing the Mind-Body System.

Think about the habits that you currently have and put them in the ecological context. Are they good for you, are they good for others, and are they good for the planet?⠀

Did you know breathing is the fastest way to change your body's chemistry, thus the fastest way to change your state of mind? That’s a critical skill in business and work. #business #success #biohack

Learn all about high-quality habits on our podcast The Breathing Edge. Link in bio.⠀

And we are ON AIR…

This week we released the first three episodes of The Breathing Edge Podcast. It’s been on our to-do list for some time but now we’ve got all our ducks lined up and are now into a rhythm of recording them for your listening and viewing pleasure.

The podcast is a passion project for us. While breathing is simply a matter of breathing in and then breathing out, there’s so much more to it that. It touches so many areas of our lives (all of them actually) that we can, and do, talk about it for hours.

In the first 3 episodes, we get interviewed in an introductory episode, then we take over and dive into the importance of high-quality habits. We also give some simple 3-minute breathing exercises that will help you get the edge in your day/s.

Click the link in our bio to access the first 3 episodes and find your subscription options.

Meanwhile, what questions or subjects would you like to see us cover on The Breathing Edge Podcast? Any particular area of interest? Business? Health? Relationships? ??? #breatheme #podcast #thebreathingedge

PS - We cannot confirm or deny the use of your breathing will change the way you do life. Welcome to The Breathing Edge Podcast…

"The human body is designed to discharge 70% of its toxins through breathing. If your breathing is not operating at peak efficiency, you are not ridding yourself of toxins properly.” Gay Hendricks, PhD.

The word detox has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years.

There’s no shortage of programs, diets, fasts, retreats, herbal enemas and juice cleanses that promise to clean you up from the inside out and rid you of all the nasties clogging up your system.

Many of these are effective yet few people realise that they could reduce the need for such things simply by improving their breathing.
In fact when we facilitate breathing exercises in our group programs, we often have mints standing by because we can literally smell the toxins being released.

Daily breathing exercises that you can incorporate into your normal routine (while walking the dog for example) can have a dramatic impact on your health and remove that sluggish feeling that is often the trigger to starting a detox program.

#BreatheMe #Detox

Normalises blood pressure
Burns fat
Boosts muscle recovery
Assists with digestive issues
Manages autoimmune disease
Increases concentration and memory
Lowers stress and anxiety
Improves sleep
Reduces up to 50% of hot flashes and symptoms for menopausal women
Alleviates symptoms of PMS
Improves focus
👌#health #peakperformance #breathing

Optimal breathing is like your fingerprint or your personality – it’s unique to you! If you want to know how to breathe better, book a private session where you can move at your own pace and tailor your experience to your specific needs and objectives. To book head to our website! #breathing #privatesession #progress #peakperformance

Maximise your breath and you will be surprised how much your health can be transformed! #stress #breathing #health

When does your dysfunctional breathing kick in? #breathing

Join us to have your Peak Experience in your state! Head to #events #breathing #workshop #transformation

Breathe Me team running a workshop at the Board of Directors Launch Pad with @drdaviddugan

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