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Kari  🇨🇦Toronto and Peterborough cosplayer 🌸 . Likes: 🐰🐶🍫♻️✝️ . Thank you for sharing this journey with me!💖 ~~~Next event: * Fan Expo *

Awww. I won’t be going to kupocon this yeah because I’m going to a friends birthday instead. I hope everyone who is going has a great time though. Post lots of pictures!! Instead here is a throwback to Selphie from ff8! #selphietilmitt #selphiecosplay #ff8 #finalfantasy8 #finalfantasy8cosplay

@chadhauser24 drew this lovely picture of my Terra cosplay from FF6. Thanks!! #finalfantasyvi #ff6 #terracosplay #finalfantasycosplay

Oh deer 🦌☺️
Try as I did there was something I just didn’t like about this dress. I love the concept of a lovely pink ballerina dress with pastel flowers floating inside. I think I tried to get a little too fancy with the top bodice design, and the flowers and outer layer and waistline all resulted in...a lack of silhouette or something. And the side steps made me look hunched? Or I’m being too picky haha! Needless to say I think these turned out lovely, just not quite the masterpiece I was going for. (Although doesn’t @earthychan_cosplay look soooo lovely in the last picture? I do love the concept of these and @greatbeyondphotography is talented as ever!) #flowerdress #fawncosplay #fawncostume #angelaclayton #angelaclaytoncostumery #angelaclaytonpatterns

I made a toadstool. Woo hoo! Hmm would could my next mini project be?? 🍑🍑🍑 #textilepainting #supermario

Trying to be good and get back o the gym and eating right. Last year was heavy for me work wise so I totally fell off the wagon. I’m working on another final fantasy that bears my stomach so good reason to get rid of that muffin belly! (Although the first 15 mins of gym time was “oh I should find some music. Ooooh a photo posing tutorial. Oh wow and look at this cat video...”. Very productive 😋 #workoutgoals #cosplayworkout

Alice in Wonderland...aka little no prep...aka Dorothy from Wizard of Oz 😜. Last night I looked at the fabric land worker and said “I can make an Alice costume in one night...right?” Haha luckily it turns out I could. Not really photoshoot worthy but lots of fun to wear! #aliceinwonderland #aliceinwonderlandcostume #aliceinwonderlandcosplay #lastminutehalloween

Happy Friday! Here’s some more #gina from #porcorosso for you by @greatbeyondphotography #miyazakicosplay #studioghiblicosplay

Fawn photoshoot 🍁🦌🌸. Photos by the very talented @greatbeyondphotography Dress design inspired by @angelacostumery #angelaclayton #fawnmakeup #fawncosplay #flowerdress

@greatbeyondphotography found two deer in the woods! Made and modelled by myself and @earthychan_cosplay. My dress is based in the work of @angelacostumery #angelaclayton #flowerdress #springfairy #elves #fawn #fawnphotography #headpiece #flowers

Put together a lantern for tomorrow’s elf photo shoot wig @earthychan_cosplay and @greatbeyondphotography 😊 #lantern #photoshootprop #elfphotoshoot

Fall is here and I am looking forward to the cozy colors and the feeling of fresh cool air. September is always quite busy for me work wise, but it should calm down some more soon. What are your favourite things about fall? 🍁🍃🍂 #fallweather #deedlitcosplay #recordoflodosswar 📸Ardez photography .
Thought of the day: Isn’t it even in such barren land as a desert...a cactus can still grow and bloom the most beautiful of flowers? 🌵🌺

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