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Kari  🇨🇦Toronto and Peterborough cosplayer 🌸 . Likes: 🐰🐶🍫♻️✝️ . Thank you for sharing this journey with me!💖 ~~~Next event: * Fan Expo *

Awww I miss you all! Sept is always a busy work month for me so I go afk from social media for a bit, but I’m itching to get back to things. In the mean time here is some more #porcorosso gina feels from the talented @greatbeyondphotography ! #ginaporcorosso #miyazakicosplay #ghibligirl #ghiblicosplay #porcocosplay

Next cosplay reveal!! Hannah Alexander has such beautiful takes on traditional characters and I’ve been wondering which one to do for awhile. It turns out I couldn’t decide so I’m going to do two instead. Plus, they are both final fantasy gals that I’ve never cosplayed yet but always wanted to! I’m so excited for those gradients 😜. @hannah_alexander_artwork #hannahalexanderartwork #hannahalexanderfinalfantasy #rikku #garnetcosplay #cosplayplans #animenorth

I love these photos of Gina singing, captured by 📸 @greatbeyondphotography. It is such a glamorous scene in Porco Rosso! #porcorosso #porcorossogina #miyazaki #studioghibli #ghiblicosplay #studioghiblicosplay #piano #vintagephotography #vintage #italy

Just saw The Nun! (Semi-spoilers at end). So here’s the final in the mood/horror set!
This is a portrait of myself and the photographer I have been featuring this past week: 📸 @stephane_mcguire . It seems fitting to the theme feature this week, as it resembles the angel/demon duality of influence, Or alternatively the muse of creative inspiration. .
...->->-> scroll next for some super creepy pictures done by the inspiration of @stephane_mcguire . Gah! I cant believe that’s me! 😱
—-> (semi spoiler alert)... Although the storyline was so-so in my books, it sure did induce a healthy amount of jump scares and nervous laughing from the audience! *sigh* why are the priests in these movies always so useless? Although I guess if prayer or faith were shown to work, these movies would be over quickly). #thenunmovie #expressivephotography #blackandwhitephotography #blackwndwhite #muse #angeldemon #angelonshoulder #horrorphotography #horror #scary #portrait #portraitphotography

Horror/mood inspired photo day 6. (One day until the Nun! I’m not going to lie- I saw the latest previews. I’ll probably have my eyes closed for most of it 😋). This great Shanoa from Castlevania photo was captured by 📸 @ginger.snapshot #shanoacosplay #shanoa #castlevania #castlevaniacosplay #gothicphotography

📸 @greatbeyondphotography and I had such a fun time doing this vintage shoot! I wish I could always dress fancy like this 😋 #vintagecar #vintagephotoshoot #picnicbasket #50sdress

Today’s mood photos! Here is another great set by 📸 @stephane_mcguire I love working with him because every photo seems to tell a story and they are brimming with emotion. When I show up to his studio it’s usually a surprise for “what are we creating today” and I feel I can be myself. He’s incredibly talented so please support his work! #stephanemcguire #blackandwhite #humanpainting #emotivepainting #emotionphotography #expressivephotography #portrait

Tuesday mood uploads. All of these depict a feeling of stillness, or even an awkward silence. It reminds me of silent hill 🙄. All 📸 @stephane_mcguire #stephanemcguire #silenthill #moodphotography #stillphotography #blackandwhitephotography

What. Is that a papa schnee lurking in the background with his usual disapproving face? A highlight of this years’ FanExpo was joining such a fun group of other RWBY cosplayers! @cerberus.cosplay10 @autumns500daysofsummer @sweetest.cosplay @anaxemenies

Monday’s mood photo! 4 days left until The Nun. Dun dun dun. 📸 @stephane_mcguire #haunting #horror #scary #moodphotography

@triforgedstudios creates these incredible majoras masks and other really neat items. Artist alley is one of my favorite components of FanExpo. I drool over the incredible talent and creativity of others (the creative process still baffles me), and wish I had more money to support all of their work 😋. #triforgedstudios #fanexpo2018 #majorasmask #nausicaa #miyazakicosplay

It’s Sunday, so here’s my day 3 horror/mood photo countdown to The Nun! This one I call “Through the Looking Glass” and it reminds me of the spiralling pit that depression, self-depreciating thoughts, and mental health can lead to. I often have these tendencies and I am always having to train my mind so that I ‘catch myself’ before it gets too bad. That’s why it’s so important that in this cosplay community we use words to appreciate each other’s creativity and hard work, and to encourage each other to push our abilities without being overwhelmed (beware of the social media trap!). Cosplay was basically the first hobby I invested myself in, and never did I expect to have the joy to experience such wonderful avenues as I have so far! #horrormovies #horrorphotography #expressivephotography #portraitphotography #aliceinwonderland #throughthelookingglass #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite photo 📸 the talented @stephane_mcguire

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