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So glad I picked up this limited edition travel insert from @theplannersophisticate and @twolilbees. Stressful road trip prep is way more fun when it’s cute! And my @simplygilded collab washi that just arrived is a perfect match too!

This week before the pen in my B6 Weekly from @the1407planners
This kit is from @plantasia_studios and is still available - I’m actually using what’s left of a kit a bought last summer and have been hoarding. #choosetouse in July too I guess 😂

I love the bright summery colors!

You can always save 10% at the1407 with the code BREATHECREATEDANCE

PenGems Athena and Havana Cabana in silver and gold restocked! Go get yours!
#pengems #nouglypens

Today is the daaaaay! @starfishandfrog opens and noon ET! The first 20 orders get a bundle of samplers from other shops AND you can use TIFFANY10 to save 10%!

I’ve been using PW rings from @imperfectlyperfekt for my daily planning and some other things. I don’t usually share because it’s 98% hastily scribbled pen. Today I took a few minutes to add a couple of @starfishandfrog stickers because a) I needed a quiet minute to breathe and b) I am SUPER excited. Those little circles are incredibly versatile and I just love them! Are you planning to check the shop out on opening day (TOMORROW)?
You can use TIFFANY10 to save 10% if you do!

Next week in my B6 Wo3P from @the1407planners - I love this insert so much.
I’m getting ready to celebrate the third anniversary of @miscellany.boulevard and the grand opening of @starfishandfrog on Wednesday and my planner shows it! They’re a great match with these @pengems pens from the Airbrush collection too (still available at

You can save 10% on this insert or anything else at the1407 with the code BREATHECREATEDANCE 💕

Working on next week and I just adore this frog pose. He looks just as excited as I feel about my mom coming to visit!

@starfishandfrog officially opens Wednesday 7/13!

This is SUPER late in posting because I received so many wonderful gifts at #1407plannerjam I had to ship a box back 😂. So I apologize for the delay in saying thank you, @zoekcreations! This gift is AMAZING and I love all the custom touches so much! I ordered this kit during the sale, and I’m not even mad at myself because now I can hoard one and use one. Thank you to @rondasplanneraccessories too - the clip is so cute!

This insert from @lifeinserted is beautiful and amazing! It’s a B6 fabric insert with a pocket that fits my kindle! It has card pockets and a tall vertical pocket on the left - perfect for a little notebook and some stickers to document what I’m reading. It even has a zipper pocket and a pen loop! I can carry this all by itself, or put it right into a B6 TN. Rose gold metallic touches in the fabric are just icing on the cake. Thank you, Amy, it’s amazing!

List It Challenge prompts for July!

This challenge has no rules. I only offer 20 prompts because realistically, most people don’t do a challenge every single day. I don’t want you to feel pressure or guilt :)
You can...
Write the lists that speak to you.
Do them in any order.
Use a planner, use pocket journaling cards, use a notebook, use a post it!
Decorate, paint, stamp or just write with a pen.
Do a digital list, make a spreadsheet, use a chalkboard.
Make it work for you!
If you share on Instagram (and I hope you do), please use the hashtag #listitchallenge so I can see!
If you share the prompts please tag/link back to me @breathecreatedance
There is a link to a printable file in the linktree in my bio!

Happy listing!

The first part of next week in my B6 Wo3P. I decided to do a patriotic theme at the last minute so this is a mix of stickers from @krissyannedesigns @miscellany.boulevard and @the_happy_planner
I think it turned out ok though! I’m always a kit planner. Do you use kits or mix stickers together?

You can save 10% at the1407 any time with my code BREATHECREATEDANCE

This week is coming to a close! I decided to post after the pen for once.
This is the Easter Elegance kit from @plantasia_studios - I just left out the holiday specific imagery. The cute characters are from @miscellany.boulevard. Both are in the Ultimate Planner Sale which is still going on today, so don’t miss out on that!

The insert is a B6 Wo3P from @the1407planners, and you can save 10% any time with the code BREATHECREATEDANCE
I hope your week was awesome!

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