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Sc~Breannaxxox💍  Anna,Katie,Lucy💗

Love you. Xxxx

No caption needed.💖

You are more than the average girl just give people a chance to prove it😝

My true sister from the day I stepped into primary all the way up-to now🥂

Had such a good time yesterday💗Thanks Aunty Karen💍Xx


From the Manchester attack memorial in Bolton, it's just heartbreaking and devastating to know that there are such extremely selfish people on earth to do such a tragic act that will scar and ruin people's lives forever. I can't imagine how painful and difficult this time is for people that this has hit harder than others and would personally like to say that I am happy to talk and cry with anyone that's upset as it is a humanly feeling and reaction to feel utterly broken at a time like this. As the Mancunian community we will grieve and pray for those who's lives have been taken and will all stay strong and support each other. Manchester will never be the same after this sickening event, we will never give up on the positivity of our city. Rest In Peace for all the people that lives were taken and I wish a painless, fast recovery for those injured and I also hope that anyone who had to experience this horrific time is okay and we are all here for you at any time you need it. I also hope that Ariana is okay as this must be extremely hard for her even though it wasn't her fault at all and nobody should feel responsible or guilty for this apart from the disgusting devil who did this. Never letting our happy spirits sink we can hopefully make this a time of the past and wish those an amazing afterlife. We can push through this, being by each other's sides every step and breath of the way! Love always on behalf of our city❤️

'We haven't spoke since you went away, comfortable silence is so over rated'💍

'I don't play by the rules of the game'~Grace Vanderwaal🥂

Love how we have zer0 serious pictures of us💞

Before I start the original video was to long and got copyrighted so I sent it you and then remade this one💍Katie Nicole Ashton................. YOU ARE 13😝like ewwwwww look at you you disgusting grotty teenager😂No seriously your a 'young woman now' as old people would say😽but I've known you for over a year and it feels like forever❤️I can't thank you enough for everything you've said and done for me💚you've seen me in my best and worst states (most of them aren't safe to mention)💋 but your always the light at the end of my corridor of never ending darkness💕your the one to always pick up the call when I'm in a sticky situation💜your always the one to sit and rant with me about how much people piss me off🙄although we've had many physical fights we've never actually fallen out🤞🏻I'd just like to say Thankyou for that and make sure you have the best birthday possible💓you've stuck by my side through some of the hardest times🤙🏻and we have thousands of memories I just wanted to say some of my favourites💥
•when you got stuck up the tree in Harwood because your legs were to small to get down😹
•when we got sent out in y7 because we were stabbing each and I got the dt🙄
•when you slept at mine and I woke up before you and your hands were twitching as if you were some spesh (featured in the Flipagram)❤️
•when I started crying in laughter when you said 'what does the fox say' when you know who was stood there😭
•when you put my bag in the bin so I gripped you and held you against the car until you said 'sorry Breanna is the best'🤙🏻
•when we were in ft and I was hungry and got a peanut butter sandwich (that I'd never tasted before) and screamed it tastes like cardboard💛
•when I raided the pound shop in town cos I wanted to get mike some gobstoppers😅
•when I walked around my bedroom in an Australia accent doing a workout session😉
•when I dropped my phone and smashed it and all I had to say was 'well what happens now then'💘
•when I fell asleep on ft for ages whilst you were apparently telling a story🤣
•when we made you a beam routine in the Chinese gardens after school because we were bored💖
•when Daryl and I became best friends and everytime we see you📎

Time ago😵nothing to post💛 tagged💍

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