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Breanna Chud  Born and raised in America. Moved to Northern Ireland in 2004 with my incredible husband Bryan. Welcomed Kidran and Cohen to the family 1st Sept!

The warm weather seems to have finally arrived in the PNW!! Thanks to Bryan I got out for my first hike in WA with a new friend and it was the perfect day for it!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #thegreatoutdoors #pnw🌲 #mtsi #hikeforfun #friends #buttburner #iamgonnafeelthistomorrow

These little ones ate al fresco tonight! It was the sweetest little dinner party❤️ Dare I say summer may actually arrive in the PNW?! #twinningx2 #friends #eatingalfresco #summervibes #thegreatoutdoors #toddlerdom #toddlerlife #infertilitytofamily @kirstiewalton @whatever_emily10 @crazybob1

The growing list of abilities my children possess is staggering! The ones that make my heart happiest are the ones that they will carry through all of life. Things like being helpful and serving one another. They did just that with the groceries yesterday 😀 #motherhood #twinning #littlemen #nolongerbabies #❤️ #brothers #familylife #reallife

Happy Mother's Day!! For ALL the mothering moments! Keeping it real here at the Chud's!!! Jammie's on, milk drank and bedtime approaching. This was my attempt at a 'decent' pic for the day!! Love it!!!!😍❤️😂 #momofboys #thisisgreat #diggingforgold #twinning #motherhood

To the Mother who carried my husband into this world, walked him through childhood, teenage years, the premature death of his Father and so much more!!! I have loved you since our first email exchange many years ago!!! Running this life with you has been a privilege and pleasure!!! Thank you for Mothering and Mother-in-Loving so well!!!! ❤️ @mamachud

To the woman I am looking more like with each passing year! Thank you for teaching me how to love people extravagantly, laugh at myself, love Jesus and giving me some of your flair for fashion!! I am blessed beyond measure for all the years of input and influence you have had in my life!! I love you!!! ❤️ @judy.carpenter.9237

This sweet moment was caught by Bryan on our recent trip to Idaho. Watching the relationship develop between these two is one of the most profound things I witness on a daily basis. They play well, fight well, love well and protect each other constantly. I love it!!! (Also, new blogpost up, link is in the bio. It's short and sweet!) #twins #motherhood #mothering #bestfriends #brothers #infertility #infertilitytofamily #icsi #itwasworththewait #miraclebabies #thegreatoutdoors #idaho #nampa #momofboys

Friends since childhood, reunited back in the PNW after years apart. These two have a friendship that has stood the test of time. They are incredible husbands, fathers, friends and employees. Anyone who knows them knows they are a force to be reckoned with when together. After so many adventures together they get to add another one to the list. Here's to you Bryan and Tyson!!! Happy 40th!! To the freedom ad memories this trip to Moab will bring!!! Soak it up!!! @crazybob1 @tysonjhall tysonjhall #alaskatomoab #yearsoffriendship #bromance #laughtillyoucry #moab #40 #friends #brothersfromothermothers

Happy birthday Dadda!!! Your boys love you and think the world of you!!!!

Happy birthday @crazybob1 !!! You are the love of my life and the best Father to our boys!! I am truly thankful you came to Northwest all those years ago. So much has happened from then till now but you have always been steadfast! I celebrate your incredibly lived life to this point and look towards our future with hope and excitement!!! Here's to this year being a memorable one for all the right reasons!!!

To the sweet Jenna (J-Go), you are already so missed by your Purpose Family!! You were open, kind, fun and sincere! Best wishes for this next chapter but you have to come visit soon!!! @jenna_dawnn @llthomsson @purposeboutique

Happy birthday @molly_m_o !!! You are a sister to me and a friend. We laugh together because you are fun and funny! We share our hearts because you can go to the depths and back. We have shared newly married years and now the family years. God knew what he was doing all those years ago dear friend!! You truly are an incredible woman and I am so very thankful for you!!! With all my heart and best wishes for the year ahead!!! 😘😘😘 #sisters #friendsforever #somethingslastforever #alwaysadventuring

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