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And a more recent shot from last year!
Can't wait for the next ski season!!

Throw Back Thursday!! I found this littler gem in an old photo box. (Putting an album together). I'm the one with longish hair. Vail, CO. 1988

Why not?
What's stopping you?
Do you want to work less and travel more?
Or maybe stay at home with your kids?
Or just quit the soul-sucking 9-5 grind?

Not too long ago we were working like crazy to pay the bills and trying to findg time to spend with our kids.
We were successful in some ways (we had good careers and a comfy house) but we weren't happy. Sounds familiar?
We finally said, "why not take a chance and go for the life we really want?" We knew what was important to us (having the freedom to travel and be with our kids before they were grown up and we'd missed it all) so we took the plunge and broke free from the rat race.
We took action on our dreams and the payoff has been huge.
We are living lives we created NOT that someone else dictates and we are song the things we love everyday (traveling, diving, stand up paddling, hiking... ). ANYONE can do it but not everyone will. But why not you? Why not now?
If we can do it with no experience or prior knowledge about running an online business, anyone can do it. It takes some work (all good things do) but the payoff is a life that you create filled with things you want to do.
So will you be one of the people who wants to change their life badly enough to say "Why not?" If you are, click the link in the bio and we will help you break out and start working toward the life of your dreams!

OBX! Love coming to the beach!!
Happy summer everyone!!

"Palacio Nacional", La Habana.
Now a museum, it hold the history of Cuba in a wonderful display. Love Cuba!

Beautiful Cuba!
We were celebrating with the town of Vińales a really cool fashion show.
The party went on until 2 am!
The whole town was out. Except us.
We were dead tired from horseback riding all day. Trip to the waterfalls and coffee plantations!
Love, love, love Cuba.

When you want something, you need to ask for it.

First time I was at this place was for a corporate event.
When I saw this space I asked my client if they had anyone come yet and do the architectural photography for the renovated building. They said no. I immediate asked if I could bid for the job.
My client was surprised but say yeah sure!

Two weeks later I was photographing this whole building and three other major landmarks.
If you want something ASK for it! You may just get it, and then some!

Warner Theater Rooftop, Washington DC.
Great place to see the 4th of July fireworks!!

If you're going through hell, keep going!
Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future!

"Door to another world". I LOVE this image.
I created this photograph back in 1999 at the Spring Solstice event.
Back then you were allowed to climb on the pyramids. Not any more!

Time to protect our world heritage sites for future generations.

I LOVE doing work like these Room Shots!! Tethered to a crane and held up 50 feet above to get the one shot.
Nuclear Security Summit Washington DC 2016

Summer is UW session time!!
Can't wait to get wet!!

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