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Breadknee  I'm just a person who likes to collect anime, manga, comic books, and video games.

Here's my collection of pins and a little stick sketch. I'm not good at drawing, but I still draw anyways. Recently I've been drawing stick people and thought I should share one. I got the pin on the left from the limited edition of Trails of Cold Steel, the one of the top from the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD limited edition, and the right pin from a weird trading card box for Yu-Gi-Oh. I do want to buy more pins, but they're expensive to buy and I understand why. I might do more photos like this. #manga #eyeshield21 #pins #pincollection #trailsofcoldsteel #kingdomhearts25hdremix #kingdomhearts #yugioh

I forgot to mention that I got these two manga on Saturday. Both are great and I can't wait for the second volume of My Brother's Husband. #manga #mangahaul #mybrothershusband #sevenseasmanga

Here's some anime and manga I bought from RightStuf. They're having a huge sale on lots of items since it's their 30th birthday. I actually pre-ordered My Hero Academia volume 9 and it happened to come in with the anime I bought. I got a stickie pad and along with some inserts. #anime #manga #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #getbackers #heatguyj

Okay, last update on the items I'm selling. 25 cents for each Yo-Kai Watch medal and $5 each for everything else. Not looking to trade, just sell. Payment via Paypal, family and friends, and U.S. Only DM me for any questions. #manga #mangaforsale #videogames #videogamesforsale #ps2 #psp #ps3 #playstation #nintendo #nintedods

Here's all that came with the anime. I got this for like $44 on Funimation and it got her quicker than I thought. It comes with an artbook, notebook, a keychain, two little inserts, the anime in Blu-Ray form, and the box. Not a fan of Blu-Ray since I don't like the way the cases are, but I've made an exception for My Hero Academia. I decided to put the anime with the manga because it didn't really fit well with my anime collection. I plan on getting more stickers. #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #shonenjump #manga #anime #vizmedia

So I went by Goodwill today and left with a N64. It came with all the hookups and three controllers for $40 and bought the games separately. Not really a great deal, but not really expensive. I got Starfox 64 and Rocket Robot on Wheels since they were cheap. Am I retro now? #n64 #nintendo64 #starfox64 #nintendo

So I got some loot in the mail today. First, I didn't not think that the My Hero Academia was going to come in so fast, like I got the confirmation that it got shipped Tuesday. I'll post more of that later on today. Next, I got some Naruto trading cards from @retro_buyer and there's some of these I don't recognize so I probably got some I didn't have before. Finally, I got Nate's shirt from Yo-Kai Watch from Loot Vault. It's big on me, but not too big. I'll just find a way to shrink it. #anime #myheroacademia #bokunoheroacademia #tradingcards #naruto #shonenjump #shirt #yokaiwatch

Here's an update on my little section on my bookshelf of My Hero Academia. I don't normally take the Pops out of there box, but I couldn't help it with this one. I might have to re-arrange this again since I'm planning to get more MHA stickers. I did end up ordering the limited edition of the anime since it was like $45, so I'm going to be waiting for that. Also I do want to get the figma and nendroid for Izuku, but I don't know where to buy it and if I knew where I don't really have the extra money to buy either one. Art for buttons by nobledemonsxo on Twitter and stickers by SaiSaiChan on Redbubble. #manga #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacadiamia #NANA #vizmedia #shonenjump #popfigure #pops #muhyoandroji #stickers #buttons #deku #izukumidoriya

So I tried doing different type of photo again. So I heard @poopieskillz did a new hashtag call #FavFiveFinalFantasy I just laid Final Fantasy games I liked on my arm and I had to balance these while holding my phone with one hand. I know 13 is bad, but I thought the characters were okay. I don't have the case for 12, so I'll probably buy another copy of it and eventually get the HD copy for it. Dissidia was nice to play but the story was just all over the place. I really like rhythm games, so I had to get Theatrhythm and I like it. I haven't played a whole lot of X but so far I like it. To be honest I don't own or play enough of the games to form what my top favorite is. #finalfantasy #finalfantasy12 #finalfantasyx #finalfantasyx2 #dissidia #finalfantasydissidia #finalfantasy13 #videogames #ps3 #squareenix

Extra post today, got a few item today from the mall. I went to Hot Topic to see if the store near me had that Deku Pop figure and it did. Luckily I had a $5 coupon for there and I didn't have to pay full price for it. Since Hot Topic is literally next to GameStop in the mall, I went by there to buy a cheap game which resulted in getting Muramasa The Demon Blade and I got some clearance Yo-Kai Watch blind bags. I should open up a store just for extra Yo-Kai Watch medals I have. Might go back and get some more since they're cheap now. #videogames #wii #nintendowii #Nintendo #muramasa #muramasathedemonblade #deku #myheroacademia #bokunoheroacademia #popfigure #yokaiwatch

Here's my small collection of PS4 games. I don't have much games because most of them aren't really expensive, but they're still too much for me to buy. Fate/Extella The Umbrel Star and Hatsune Miku Project Diva X are the two games I really wanted to play on PS4 so I'm satisfied with my collection. Not saying I'm not interested in other PS4 games, just that I got the two I've been longing to play. I tried doing a cool photo and it kinda didn't work out. #ps4 #playstation4 #sony #fateextella #finalfantasytype0hd #megadimensionneptunia #narutoultimateninjastorm4 #naruto #hyperdimensionneptunia #nightsofazure #uncharted4 #hatsunemikuprojectdivax #hatsunemiku #projectdiva

Traded some stuff with @ouji_senpai and got some comic books and trading cards out of it. I re-bagged and re-boarded them. Thanks again for trading with me and hope we'll trade again in the future. #comics #comicbooks #tradingcards #yugioh #pokemon #marvel #marvelcomics

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