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Breadknee  I'm just a person who likes to collect anime, manga, comic books, and video games.

So I have a WonderSwan now. I guess technically traded with @poopieskillz I gave him some empty game cases of video games I couldn't find and/or I didn't have. As a thank you along with the manga, he sent me this too. I guess I'm going to start a collection for WonderSwan. Bless poopie, he's such a great person. #videogames #videogamer #wonderswan #digimon #bandai

My good friend @poopieskillz sent me a volume of Macaroni-I mean Rurouni Kenshin. I guess now I have a little reminder to start picking it up #rurounikenshin #vizmedia #shonenjump #manga

Last post of the night, sorry for so many in one day. I finally picked up this game from GameStop since it's cheap now. #videogame #ps3 #playstation3

Next, I also picked up volumes 5 and 6 of Zatch Bell! from 2nd & Charles. Now I have 1 through 7 of Zatch Bell! #vizmedia #manga #zatchbell

It's kinda late for posting, but I don't care. Here's some comics I picked up from 2nd & Charles since they were having that buy 5 get 5 free on used comics and the most I got were 50 cents each, so they were only like 25 cents each. I found a couple of issues for Blade of the Immortal, so I'm collecting that now. Also I'm collecting issues for Scud too. #comics #comicbooks #scud #bladeoftheimmortal #comicbookhaul #comicbookcollection #comicbookcollector

You guys should go check out @mrbcf06 's store and buy all the neat pins, stickers, and patches he's selling. I haven't gotten a chance to buy his other #bitsnbrews merch. I'm currently on Majora's Mask for the Legend of Zelda manga. #bitsnbrewsstickergiveaway #stickers #manga #buttons #thelegendofzelda

I forgot about this coming in the mail and it just got to me today. Thanks @vizmedia for publishing this and for giving me the opportunity to read this. I should probably read QQ Sweeper after or before I read this. #vizmedia #shojobeat #shojo #qqsweeper #queensquality #manga #mangacollector #mangacollection

Hey, sorry for the late and extra post. I've been sorta lost on what to post lately, so here's the only games I have for Kirby. I've been trying to take a break from buying anything and sell/trade some stuff I have to the side. If I get anything new it's because I traded with someone or found something cheap at Goodwill. I want to get more Kirby games, old, new and maybe possibly any limited edition/complete copies. Really want to try out Kirby Tilt N' Tumble. Fun Fact: I twisted my ankle in middle school going down some steps outside and was distracted from playing Kirby Super Star Ultra. #kirby #nintendo #nintendowii #nintendods #ds #wii #kirbysuperstarultra #kirbysepicyarn #videogames #videogamecollector

Here's my anime collection and it's small compared to my manga collection. It's weird how expensive and how cheap anime can get. Like I can find like complete collections for certain animes on sale for like $20-$30, but then there's some animes like Parasyte or Kill La Kill where each DVD is so expensive and there's no option to buy them as a regular DVD and not Blu-Ray. I don't like the way Blu-Ray DVDs look. I do want to buy more anime when I can. #anime #myheroacademia #bokunoheroacademia #heatguyj #getbackers

So the the last time I updated my comic book collection was in June?? So here's an update of it. I have 132 comic book issues and I plan on buying more trade backs. The comics I'm currently looking for are the Real Ghostbusters, RaceWarrior, and some Marvel comics like Rocket Raccoon and Groot. I also plan on getting the graphic novel/trade backs for Adventure Time, LumberJanes, Yo-Kai Watch, the Attack on Titan Anthology, and some of the Nintendo graphic novels. As you can see on the bottom is some of my Shonen Jump issues. #comicbook #comicbooks #issues #comicbookissues #comicbookcollector #comicbookfan #comicbookcollection #marvel #spiderman #VHS #VHStapes #xmen

Here's the manga that I have for trade. The dashes "-" mean through. I also have volumes 2 through 29, 48-50 of Bleach for trade/sale. Looking for other manga, comic books, anime VHS tapes, yu-gi-oh cards, complete PlayStation games, and anything else you might have seen on my page. #fortrade #list #mangalist

So here's my collection in list form. The dashes "-" mean through. First are manga that I wanted that I haven't started collecting yet. Then the rest is the manga I have in my collection. It might be a while until I buy more manga, so if anyone wants to trade here's the manga in my collection. #mangalist #manga

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