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Breadknee  I'm just a person who likes to collect anime, manga, comic books, and video games. Icon draw by _ghostyce_ on Instagram.

Thanks @the_mighty_megalink_v2.0 for sending me these comics and Pokémon Pinball. I don't have any of these issues before so I can add them in. The Hulk comic I've seen before in 2nd & Charles, but I never grab because it'll be like $3 and I normally just pick up the 50 cents or $1 comics. He's a cool video game collector and you guys should go follow him. #comicbooks #comics #marvel #spiderman #gba #nintendo #pokemon #pokemonpinball

Aye, guys these are my best Nine of 2017. Also, just wanted to let you guys know that I'm taking a week off from Instagram starting Sunday. I might still be on Twitter, but I'm trying to take a break from that too. I'm also in a Discord group that I will be absent from too. Nothing stressful or anything just need a break from IG and I need to prepare for Christmas. Probably won't pick anything up until after Christmas, so it's easier to clean. So, Happy Holidays to all my followers! #bestnine2017 #bestnine #anime #collection #mangacollection #manga #mangacollector #videogames #pokemon #shelves #videogamecollector

Today I got a print in the mail by @turts_art She does really nice art and you check her out on IG and her Etsy. I still haven't bought the manga for Princess Jellyfish since they're in those Omnibus sizes and they're cost more than the normal manga. I really loved the anime for Princess Jellyfish and I should pick up the manga soon. #print #anime #manga #princessjellyfish #kuragehime

I decided to post these so here's some T-Shirts I bought from a website called Shark Robot. The site was having a buy 1 get one free on all of the clearance shirts. The Oney Plays shirt was limited edition and it was much, but I was able to get 15% off on my order so it wasn't too bad. #tshirts #oneyplays #videogames #marvelcomics #marvel #groot #rocketraccoon #guardiansofthegalaxy #journey #black

So, this is like a monthly haul/overview, but this one is September, October, and November combined. I got all sorts of random. It's a combination of trading with friends, going to Goodwill, going 2nd &a Charles, going to other thrift stores, and ordering stuff online. #videogames #vhs #vhstapes #anime #manga #comicbooks #comics #stickers #tradingcards

"Saving the world, one park at a time!" The other day I bought Chibi-Robo Park Patrol from Toys-R-Us even though it was a Wal-Mart exclusive game. I didn't think I would get this game so soon and I bought it for $13. I haven't played the first one on Gamecube, but I've played Zip Dash on 3DS. #chibirobo #nintendo #nintendods #ds #chibiroboparkpatrol #nature #outside #leaves

So I did some unplanned buying today, but nothing expensive. First I went to EB Games to buy some Yo-Kai Watch blind bags for 25 cents each, second I went Toys-R-Us to buy Yo-Kai page refills for $3 and somehow found Chibi-Robo Park Patrol for $13, and lastly my Azumanga anime from Sentai Filmworks came in today and was only $10. I'm probably going to do an extra post for Chibi-Robo tomorrow. #yokaiwatch #azumangadaioh #anime #manga #chibirobo #nintendods #chibiroboparkpatrol #nintendo

Thanks @acartrigdegamer for getting the extended theme stuck in my head for Adventure Time: Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! So, here's a post of the Adventure Time merchandise I have and it. Both games are short, but great. I do want to get Secret of the Nameless Kingdom and Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know eventually in the future. Also it's really hard to make photos that look aesthetically pleasing. #adventuretime #comicbooks #videogames #collection#3ds #Nintendo #nintendo3ds #nature

Went by Goodwill today and found this VHS and N64 game. #goodwillfinds #anime #vhs #n64

Here's all the stickers I own and Paper Mario Sticker Star. So far I have 95 stickers. I'll have to design my own sticker when I can draw better digitally. Most of my stickers come from Redbubble, Storeenvy, or Etsy. The artists from Redbubble are SaiSaiChan, Draikinator, monsquared, chamba, coffeezombiefox, RebelTaxi, FuranSan, toifshi, paladilaura, dinchies, hiddenlights, MintySkulls, trashcanprince, Onsta, Beloup, ElectroHex, merrigel, Deeum, and beamthechao. Others can be found on IG which is mostlystickers, mrbcf06, and littlereddo. #stickers #papermario #papermariostickerstar #manga #myheroacademia #anime #bokunoheroacademia #killlakill #fullmetalalchemist #eyeshield21 #supermariobros #collection #stickercollection

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all stay safe! Food Wars volume 12 is one of the Japanese volumes I have. Also I really enjoy croissants especially with game and cheese. #bread #manga #foodwars #mangacollection #croissants

Here's a random shoutout to @_ghostyce_ one of my favorite artist here on IG. He draws nice traditional and digital art. Really respect that he does he best to stick to drawing his own original work/characters. I was going to wait to do this until I bought something from his store or commissioned him to give him a shoutout, but I couldn't wait. So yeah, follow him and check out his art. Oh yeah, this is my nameless oc. Not sure what she is, but she likes to explore and collect junk. I like to draw her tall, but I also will draw her short too. She a stick arms and legs, but she doesn't have a neck and her head just floats like the video game character Rayman. Just wanted to put this here if anyone wanted to draw this oc. Sorry for not posting video game or manga related for this post. #art #drawing #sketches #shoutout #manga

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