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Su-yin  Always looking forward to my next meal. {London & Penang}


Mini "huat kueh". These are made from a fermented rice flour mix, and steamed until they "bloom" and crack on the tops. The crack is seen as a symbol of good luck/prosperity, thus the name "huat kueh" = "huat" is the Hokkien word for "prosperity".

Tau foo fah. Silken beancurd with a palm sugar sauce. So so good. I don't know of anywhere in London which serves a good version unfortunately!

Egg hopper + prawn & mango curry + chutney = a happy me.

Walnut and spelt wholemeal sourdough boule. I think this might be our favourite combination so far - loved its nuttiness. Am enjoying experimenting with Monty (the sourdough starter), and yes I named him!

Why hello, sashimi. Surf clam, tuna, seabass and salmon; with somen noodles and micro cress.

Had a really random craving for fishballs. So I made some. Have never actually made them before so was pleased that they turned out well. It reminds me of yong tao foo! (A dish where fish paste is stuffed into vegetables/tofu). Used the leftover mackerel bones to make a fish broth, chucked in some pea shoots and mushrooms, and finished off with our favourite crispy onions.

A salad of sorts: Cherry tomatoes, avocado, sourdough croutons, home cured jamon (a gift from a friend), Greek basil & a vinegar/olive oil dressing. A great way to use up any leftover ingredients left in the kitchen.

Had a rather indulgent lunch today. Roti telur (Malaysian/Asian flatbread with egg), Nasi lemak (Coconut rice with condiments), Kopi putih (white coffee).

I always look forward to salads this time of year. This one has beetroot, avocado, ricotta, egg and coriander. In retrospect I wish I had added some walnuts or pine nuts for an extra layer of texture. Next time!

Eating the last of our kee chang (alkaline dumplings) from last week's Dragon Boat Festival. I've always eaten them with gula melaka (palm sugar) syrup, but R has taught me how to eat them with kaya (coconut jam) - both options are good!

This was yesterday's loaf: Rye and sesame sourdough boule. Am getting a little addicted to sourdough baking (amongst other addictions), much to learn but am getting there slowly. Have also been experimenting with sourdough discard recipes. Perhaps I should blog these so I can actually remember them... this was the main reason for starting the blog many years ago. Haven't blogged in almost two years though! 😵

Some days are just meant for noodles. This is a variation of something we cook often: Vietnamese rice noodles, prawns, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, tofu puffs and spicy "tom yum esque" broth. I usually make the broth with a mixture of onions, ginger, galangal, lemongrass, shiitake mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, fish sauce and lime juice.

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