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Brave Star Selvage  Uncommonly American 🇺🇸 Unapologetically Affordable 👖 👇

#fadefriday Breaking in a raw selvedge jacket can seem like an impossible task but wearing it as often as possible is the key. Once broken in it forms like second skin, a symbiotic relationship that is difficult to duplicate with other fabrics. #denimbiology
Small drop of 15oz indigo and 14oz double black pre orders are live now.
#bravestarselvage #stayraw

#selvedgesunday features our 1950's Legacy Black Selvedge by Cone Mills. An awesome throwback quality that made the black jean the choice of outsiders, delinquents and undesirables...basically the same kind of people we still hang out with today ☠️ Pre orders just went live yesterday.
Stay Raw Denim Heads 👖#bravestarselvage #stayraw

On this special #selvedgesunday let’s take some time out to say that one thing to our Mothers... #sorrymom

#wornoutwednesday We know how hard it is to run your own business so its no surprise that the best fades are usually found on a hardworking, small business owners jeans. @gritwell proves just how hard he has been working at his craft. Go and check out his feed.
#StayRaw #BraveStarSelvage

We have no idea who this is other than it’s a Denimhead who enjoys getting his hands dirty and his jeans dirtier. Perfect end to this #selvagesunday
#stayraw #bravestarselvage
Update: pic is courtesy of @gritwell go and check out his leather goods on his feed 👊🏻

Got a call from Cone a couple weeks ago. They said they had a few yards of the last remaining lot of their flagship 16.5oz selvage in the warehouse and needed to get rid of it and did we want it? The answer was HELL YEAH! This was the first quality that sold out when they announced the closure in September and probably their most desirable. Now, do we let this age like a fine Bourbon and break it out 5, 7 or 10 years down the line or bust it out for this Fall? #Decisions #bravestarselvage #stayraw

#fadefriday on a Saturday because we can. These 13oz True Straights from Reddit user @sonsofsnoopdogg have been beaten up doing work in his brewery and exactly how we like to see them treated. Don’t be afraid to put your raws to work denim heads, they’ve been designed to take the beatings. 9 months of wear when this pic was taken.
#stayraw #bravestarselvage

Rule #1 to remember when it comes to layering timeless basics is that there is no rule.
Here the Outsider Cramerton 9oz selvage chino jacket is layered over the Steadfast denim jacket in a 13oz Cone selvage. 12.5oz Double Black selvage Slim Tapers paired with custom black Brave Star belt. Perfect for the unpredictable weather we’re having in LA.
Stay Raw denim heads...

You could say we’re fascinated with most things denim related especially shuttle looms. To watch one weave indigo yarn into denim is witnessing one of mankind’s great accomplishments. The result is pure magic - a process that fuses craftsmanship and creativity to produce a product of absolute practicality and raw beauty. Those of you that have had the privilege of discovering this antiquated art and have experienced breaking in a pair of raw selvage denim are among the fortunate few. Thanks to all you denim heads out there for keeping the dream alive! Stay Raw...

‘Some things are better left Unfinished’ is an adage we can get behind when it comes to our drop of Cone Mills ‘Unfinished’ 14oz selvage. It has a surface texture unlike any of our other qualities. For denim heads that are looking for the unusual and unique when it comes to raw denim then this is the one to check out. To find out the ‘why’ behind the ‘hairy’ surface character head on over to our website for more info. Link in bio
#stayraw #bravestarselvage

‘Black is not a color, it’s a way of life’
15oz double black slub selvage just dropped for pre order Denimheads...

#selvedgesunday features a sneak peak at one of the new developments here at Brave Star HQ. We aren’t giving away any details just yet but as you can see from the in progress pics it will be a selvedge denim unlike any you’ve ever encountered. Every aspect from the cotton and yarn, weave and indigo dye are all custom made and exclusive to Brave Star.
Stay tuned and Stay Raw Denimheads...
#bravestarselvage #stayraw

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