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braveryskateboards  ⚒ Jenna Quaranta ⚒ Entrepreneur // Mom // Motivator // ➕ // custom skateboards // build your brand // #lifewithgrace

Tell your friends that they CAN DO IT, because inside they think that they can’t. Proud to support
you in all you do today and always. Introducing the newest graduate out of The PENN STATE Graduate School! Good job BFF, I love seeing you win. #girlboss @bettygoodys

Watching her on stage in her red dress and hot pink shoes was better than 10 Disneyland’s. I didn’t cry at all 🙄 #lifewithgrace

Matinee Hip-Hop Nutcracker date (say that 5 times fast) with my little ballerina. #lifewithgrace

Who’s crazy child is this? #lifewithgrace

jingle all the way - nobody likes a half-assed jingler. 30 days till Christmas ... you and Amazon prime got this 🙌🏽 #lifewithgrace

// Rock out & be thankful // I am thankful for the obvious this year, that I am here and able to spend this day with my daughter. I have replayed that night daily for the last 54 days. My heart breaks for all of our Route 91 family members who lost someone that night. We are praying for us all to find peace. I am thankful for my healthy daughter, my amazing girlfriend and my incredible Dad who has given me his guidance the last month when I really needed it. Wishing eveyone comfort & kindness. xo: J & G 📷: @ktkate

I declare her the most beautiful girl in the world #lifewithgrace

best bud of 10 years #samantha

My Route 91 Tribe ... our incredible friend Anna who was with us that night hand painted these rocks for us, this weekend she will be placing our names in the Route 91 survivor garden. I am absolutely touched and so grateful for my little Wolfpack. Thank you Anna.

She said pretend you’re about to fly. So I did. If you get to take your kid trick or treating tonight, it’s a gift. You’re blessed. Have fun out there. xo, Batman & Mal #lifewithgrace

Tis the season for our annual pumpkin race. Gracie is all smiles while I’m praying we don’t hit a curb 🏁😳🏁 #lifewithgrace

I’m positing these because I need to remind myself after this mornings panic attack and total mental breakdown that our Route 91 weekend was fun and joyful before those horrific 10 minutes. I’m reminding myself “it was just 10 minutes”. There are 1440 minutes in one day, I had 1430 minutes on October 1 that trump those 10. Give people more hugs and try Trader Joe’s cauliflower pizza crust it’s amazing and will change your life, that’s my advice for the day #rt91harvest #vegasstrong #countrystrong #route91harvest #thegreat58

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