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  We take pride in gathering the most talented and forward thinking minds under our future vision. Proud partners of @SecretCinema

Our missions are drawing to a close. Submit images and mission report using the hashtag #bravenewventures. Thank you all

Our time is coming to a close. Join a #bravenewventures mission while you still have time

"The process of discovery is, in effect, a constant flight from wonder" #bravenewventures

"All truths are easy to understand once discovered. The point is to discover them" #bravenewventures

The work is hard, the rewards plentiful. Join us while you still have time #bravenewventures

Former recruits express their appreciation of the #bravenewventures experience. Sign up while you still have time

Preparations must be made for what lies ahead #bravenewventures

Join the elite before time runs out #bravenewventures

Recruits meet at the rallying point prior to a mission #bravenewventures

Recruits must remain in a state of readiness for hypersleep prior to the mission. #bravenewventures

Recruits must be prepared for physical training #bravenewventures

All #bravenewventures recruits are expected to have exceptional discipline

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