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Wednesdays call for cuddles. @dear.november.days is doing it right and rocking our Body Silk Seamless cami for extra comfort while she’s at it!

Today, we throw it back to this beautiful moment! @katiehwillcox, you're one inspirational momma. The positive words you share move so many people! Healthy thinking makes healthier mommas!

8 days into 2018 and feeling great! All smiles from @theoverwhelmedmommy rocking our Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra. Remember to take a moment for you today so you can keep feeling strong and be ready to tackle all the things on your plate! 😊

New year, same Original Nursing Bra!
The lovely Nina of @TheBabyChick understands finding the perfect nursing bra for your body is so important for all moms! Need help finding your fit? Give us a shoot! We have expert fitters here for you. Moms have enough to focus on this year. Let us support you!

I don’t make new year resolutions, but I am committed to being the very best version of myself + with that in mind, I am going into 2018 shaking the fear that I will somehow lose myself in becoming a mother.
Instead, I will embrace the truth that the woman I was, is gone. She had to go. She wasn’t capable of the tasks at hand. A new version of me has emerged, to rise to the occasion + I’m certain she is magic in her own right. I’ve been mourning the old me + rightfully so, she was the shit! Good thing I have a ton of pictures to remember her + to show my daughter that you can have all things in life, just not at once. Now, it is time to be unafraid of who I am becoming.
Will I be able to spend Sunday mornings in bed looking at old pictures + soaking up the journey, like before? Yes, of course! Maybe not as long as before, but let’s be honest 2pm was excessive AF! Will I be able to get up + see the world, like before. Yes, of course! Maybe not as easily + as quick, especially right now, but it’s possible + possibly even better (who knows! she could travel well, right!😒😬😂) now that I get to share that world with my daughter. Will I be able to make last minute plans, throw on clothes + meet the girls for brunch on a random Saturday afternoon? No. No, probably not lol! But we don’t do that shit anyways bc I’m an introvert, they all already have kids + they live too fucking far. See, some things will stay the same!
My point is, I’m not going to live in this fear that I will lose myself in motherhood. Instead, I’m choosing to be excited about finding the new me in motherhood. I’m sure she is fantastic, has a great sense of mom-style, has a fat ass (hopefully I get to keep that) + will take this chapter of life by storm💚.

Dancing into the new year with little ones like... this is how we do #motivationalmonday in #2018

Hello, 2018. Thanks for reminding us that sparkles are always a good idea. Cheers to every mama's whose champagne glass looks like this today!

Georgia is at it again - rocking our Body Silk Seamless and obsessing over the fit. Remember to check our size guides when picking the perfect nursing bra for you. Need help getting sized? We have Fit Experts available phone Monday-Friday. Give us a shout! =)

Before the holidays we asked a few of our Bravado moms what they were doing over the holidays that was a self-care ritual for themselves. The answer?
@halfietruths - she ceases to amaze us with her soulful, spiritual wisdom & her self-care ritual is too good not to share with all of you. ---
The holidays can be rough + as an introvert, it is my least favorite time of the year. I’m not a fan of the big crowds, the endless travel, the shopping, the cold, the music... ok, so maybe I’m a grinch + not just an introvert😂. Either way, the holidays are rough for a lot of us, especially moms, who are doing the most for every one else + often not able to do the very minimum for themselves, like pee alone... hello!
As someone who has always valued self-care, my first holiday season as a mom is no different. My first postpartum massage is booked for Saturday people 🙌🏽 + on the weekends I have started to reclaim my mornings. I write + get some extra rest, but most importantly, I’m alone! I didn’t realize how much I was missing my alone time, until I went out for dinner last week + almost cried when a woman sat down next to me at the bar. I was obviously craving some space, mentally + physically. This makes sense. I have a tiny human attached to me at all times, literally.

Grab your loved one today, snap a pic and commemorate your love during the holiday season! XO ❤️🐶 @kassimansfield featured here rocking our Original Nursing Bra!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season!

When you realize the most important gift of all may not arrive on Christmas after all, but you're okay with the wait.

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