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Kate Hart  Intl. Elite Powerlifter 67.5kg/75kg Working Against Gravity Coach Ritual Athlete @ritual_apparel

Final heavy deadlift day. Glute pain seems to have been resolved thank the LORDT. 410x2

I’m super excited to announce that @ritual__apparel has welcomed me in to their strong family as their newest sponsored athlete. It’s been really inspiring to see the brand grow over the time I’ve been following them and when I saw they made sick slides (photos to come), I knew it was the right crew for me.
#strengthbuiltthroughritual #slideSZN 📷: @aloragriffithsphotography

All I have going for me right now is my bench tbh. 230x2. Eleven days out, let’s send it.

The fan truly enhanced the drama that was this deadlift session. #420🔥🍁💨

TFW you don’t die on your 4th single at 225.

I haven’t posted deadlift videos in ages mainly because I mess up the video and cut my head off. Today was 3x1@ 410lbs. First and last set shown.

210 for 4x2 today. Feeling v smooth and no elbow pain so feeling 🙏🏻👌🤟🏻(last set, first set shown)

One of the coolest things about powerlifting is to be able to train all over the place and be welcomed with a supportive community and sometimes you hit PRs too. 375x2

Not understanding AMRAPs pt. 2. Everything felt like hot garbage today but I didn’t die so that’s good. 355lbs

I need to learn what an AMRAP actually is rather than just benching until I’m bored.

I would like to dedicate this triple at 350 to gummy bears, My Chemical Romance and my new bff Stanley for actually spotting me. Also @tonydelvecchio_ for driving across LA to make sure I can train- that’s love. #fullorlando

@phdeadlift is trying to kill me. 155kg/342lb 4x3. Third set shown. Mood= everything hurts but my total is going to be sick.

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