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Brant Daugherty 

Squinting cause the future is so damn bright

This view 😍

The scenery is pretty too I guess

I have become one with Iceland

Iceland is fuckin epic

*playing Game of Thrones theme song in my head*

Looking back at travel photos as we get ready for our next big adventure.
Iceland ➡️ Barcelona ➡️Paris
If you could pick 3 places in the world to see, where would you go?
#iceland #barcelona #paris #amsterdam #travel #pll

I met David Sweeney over eight years ago. I was new to Hollywood and still very inexperienced as an actor. He took a chance on me and he’s been my manager ever since. So many great projects have shaped my career since then and I owe a part of all of that to him.
Recently, Kim and I wrote a script we’re very proud of. We’ve been working hard to get it made. Today, with David’s help, we took a big step forward. Lots of hard work still to come... but we’re launching a new side of our careers as entertainers and storytellers and we’re so excited to share that with all of you as soon as we can.
Keep on hustling, everyone. Let’s make shit happen. 👊🏼💥

Photo of me wondering why I can’t remember calculus but I still know all the lyrics to every song from the 90s
#priorities #forgotaboutdre #fuckyoucalculus

The most dapper game of jenga ever played

Paparazzi shot of Jamie and I waiting for you to pick up your own copy of #fiftyshadesfreed UNRATED on dvd/blu-ray today

Tag who you’d want to watch it with in the comments! Make it awkward.

It’s the freakin weekend baby I’m bout to have me a responsible several days of clean eating and exercise while maintaining a mild caloric deficit and staying hydrated💥 FUCK YEAH 💥

My pretty little brother @keeoone sent over a copy of Hollywood. Such a beautiful work of art. Couldn’t be more proud of you Keegels! #hollywood #PLL #kegels

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