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Headed to Oregon and then to LA to create a banger music video with @mitchellthayne for @zachknell and @roseburgband 🤘🏼
• Here’s a photo from Hawaii that has nothing to do with the rest of this caption.

It looks like it’s time to put the skis up for a while... Let’s go summer 😎.

my two favorite things

Thanks for the killer shot @mitchellthayne

HI • RD II 🏝
Excited to be back to the Aloha State next week! If you’re a business or an artist who would be interested in video/photo work slide in my DM’s!

She’s got a smile that makes your worst day, feel like it’s your birthday ❤️ Happy I get to call her mine.

Completely convinced that I have found an angel in person ❤️ Every day feels like Valentines Day with you.

Starting to crank out videos left and a right!! • If you enjoy what I create make sure to turn on post notifications so Instagram doesn’t hide me from you! • Head over to my buddy @gdotanderson profile to watch the full edit we put together from a day in Park City! ⛷🏝

I haven’t posted much from the @clear.home Cancun video that I made a couple of months ago with @vikonomaaea even though it’s one of my favorites, so here is a little bit of the full edit that is linked in my bio! 🤙🏼🏝

We are up to something 🔜

@ogleloo and @shmateo_ know how to have a good time!🔥 S/o to @circustrixhype and @ty_circustrix for putting this on, the @byucougarettes and @cosmo_cougar for the moves 🙏🏼 Put this edit together in two days and it was a fun one!

I don’t usually get too crazy with captions but this one might ramble a bit so sorry in advance.🤷🏻‍♂️ Been feeling grateful for all of the opportunities lately and in the past that have allowed me to create videos and photos both for fun and for business. I’ve always been one to live for moments where pushing myself to reach new limits causes the adrenaline to flow. Taking a camera with me to capture those moments was something I always did to be able to go back and re live the excitement. Lately I have learned a lot about how to tell a creative story through video editing. It’s something I am really passionate about and is constantly on my mind. For those of you feeling like going after something you want, do it. Your goals are attainable. Living with regret for never trying is lots harder than learning from failure. There, that’s my rant for the day. Tag someone you think would benefit from hearing it!

Recap of New Year’s Eve 2018! 🚀🌔

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