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So much time spent indoors last week with sickness so yesterday we did entirely the opposite and it was good... "Nature gave the word glory a meaning for me." |c.s.lewis|

He may look miserable but I assure you he's never been sweeter. We watched way too much tv today and I enjoyed every minute snuggled up with my tribe.. praying a good nights sleep will chase these fevers away..

Just goodness here.. and fevers, actually. But mostly goodness.

Cause time is the worst kind of friend
Always there till you need it, then gone in the end
Oh but love is stronger than it..
And I'll be your lighthouse, you'll be one for me.. #georgicapond

Brothers.. and pictures from week 2 are up on the blog. {link in profile}

Anxiously awaiting summer.. like everyone else, right?

She wanted a picture so she could enter an art contest.. this quick little phone snap is now one of my favorite pictures of her.. it's nothing elaborate or creative, but that light in her eyes.. I'm thankful she finds joy in creating..

Origami is her love language.. Also, I started another project 365 this year. I'll be posting a weeks worth of pictures at a time on my blog. First post of the year is up {link in profile}.. and considering I only posted twice last year, after next week I'm totally winning 2017.

I think I hear the word "mom" spoken from his sweet lips as much as my other two combined. It is often followed, however, by a simple "I love you.." The fact that he so often is compelled to stop whatever he is doing simply to tell me that is straight from heaven.

And where my day ended. Whytecliff, you never disappoint. Today was good.

Last day with my sweetest sister. Don't go home. Also, this was the best sandwich I've had since being diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago. Thanks @gfepicurean

A good place.