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Brandon Wynn  Founder of LifeRewired: Helping busy professionals regain their health, energy and confidence. Gymnastics World Medalist🏅 How can I help you?👇🏻

I love food more than you😉

Having a meal is something that brings us together and represents relaxation, celebration and love.

Some of our best memories are during a family meal or holiday meal.

I think a lot of us hate the thought of changing our diet approach because it makes us feel like we are eliminating the opportunity for more amazing experiences with food.

WE AREN’T. We are just adjusting what we choose to consume during those experiences.

I have been eating “my way” for over 13 years and have enjoyed the entire experience.

Everyone thinks I must be super strict with my diet.

I’m not.

At all.

I just have the clarity of how to eat for my goals and enjoy life.

Your diet sucking has nothing to do with your will power and everything to do with your perception of “healthy”.

Healthy eating doesn’t equal suffering, starving and pain.

Healthy eating means eating to satisfy your physical, mental and emotional goals; Whatever they may be!

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It’s true my friends... we all have greatness within us. It gets covered up by doubt, insecurity and pain. .
Calm the noise and exploit your strength to provide opportunity in any area you want in life. .
You work 12 hours a day but say you are lazy when it comes to your health. You are clearly not lazy. You are just not activating the same tools you use for work. .
Identify what makes you win and use it!

Why did I name my company LifeRewired?

I named it LifeRewired because I believe we all need to rewired the thoughts and actions that have been holding us captive our entire lives.

From a REALLY young age, we have been told “facts” created by other’s fears and insecurities.

“You have to become a Doctor or a Lawyer in order to be successful”

“Don’t express your individuality”

“Don’t show emotion”

“Don’t have too much energy”

and now…

“Being healthy is expensive”

“Being healthy takes time”

“Your health is based on your genetics”

“It is NORMAL to take medication your entire life”

“You can’t enjoy your food while losing body fat”

“There is not enough time to be extremely healthy AND successful”


These lies have created prisons for a lot of us.

We believe these lies and feel like our future is OUT OF OUR CONTROL.
Lets start believing the facts that SERVE us instead of HURT us.

Lets talk about opportunity instead of scarcity.

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Who’s ready for change?

🔥Are you in control of YOUR life?🔥

You go to sleep each night thinking, “I am going to wake up tomorrow, go to the gym, have a healthy breakfast, get a lot of amazing work done throughout the day and then enjoy my night”.

Then, when you wake up the next morning you are frantic, worried and thinking about work.

You figure you will just knock out a couple quick tasks before you get your day started.

After you knock out those tasks you happen to check your email and realize your forgot something yesterday that needs your attention NOW.

Before you know it, it’s 3 pm, you haven’t eaten all day and the gym is NOT happening.

You end your day thinking tomorrow will be different.

It NEVER is.

If you are not INTENTIONAL with your time, you will never have the life you want.


The only reason why you started your business journey was to create freedom but there is ZERO reflection of that in your day to day.

Write down the 3 things that matter most to you in your life right now.

After you have written them down, ask yourself, “does my day reflect the prioritization of these 3 things?

Does stopping at McDonalds while driving to my next meeting reflect my prioritization of healthy?

Does choosing an email response over my gym time add to my energy and confidence?

Today, right now, start living a life that YOU CONTROL. ⠀ ⠀
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Sometimes it comes down to willpower. You either have it or you don’t. If you don’t have the willpower to stay healthy, you will always fall short when striving for your lofty business goals😎
Time to step UP.

Want to know why I train?

I have been focusing deeply on enjoying every training session lately.

I focus on enjoying each session because I am BUILDING training desire, not expending it.

For some reason a lot of us believe we lose time and energy when we work out. WE DON’T.

We gain ENERGY.

We gain FOCUS which leads to more efficiency with time.

Knowing this, we should want to work out for the rest of our lives, I know I do.

That is why I focus on enjoying every session, creating a strong desire to do it tomorrow.

I know every session makes me strong and 1 step closer to achieving my mission.

So, Why do you train? What do you think working out does for you?

Who wants more health, wealth and happiness?

Sometimes you see rapid weight loss and sometimes the scale doesn’t move… WHY?!?!

Have you been there?

You start eating healthy, getting your butt to the gym because summer is coming.

Week 1 you lose 5lbs!!! YES!!⠀

You think, “At this pace, I will lose 20lbs in the next 4 weeks, PERFECT!” “This isn’t that hard at all!”

Then, next week you only lose 1/2 a pound and you want to completely give up😂

Is this you?

If so, you have to understand how weight loss works.

It doesn’t work in consistent, exact increments throughout your journey.

The true emotional rollercoaster of weight loss looks like:

“This is easy!”

“Something is wrong, it’s not working anymore!”

“Should I be taking supplements?”

“Do I really want to do this right now in my life?”

“My co-workers told me I look good, I guess it is working!”

“This isn’t for me. Genetically I am not suppose to be lean.”

I guess I will stick to the process and see what happens.

BOOM. 3 months later you have lost 30lbs. ⠀
It is an emotional roller coaster. It will feel impossible at times. The winners are people that:

1. Have the support and information needed to make a transformation.
2. The ones that DON’T quit.

Put these 2 things in your life and you will absolutely win, no question.

Get your support, expect a rollercoaster and GET STARTED!

Behind the scenes of my life👇🏻

For #transformationtuesday , how about a small glimpse into my story?
My story starts AFTER my athletic career finished and my business career began.

Stepping out into the professional world, excited to learn and conquer!

When I first start out, I didn’t think working out and eating had much to do with with my overall success.

I thought I worked out for my health and I did my professional work for my business.

I didn’t think there was much crossover. I knew it mattered some but didn’t know the extent.

As my desire for professional growth grew, my desire to workout and eat healthy diminished.

I didn’t think this was a big deal because my goal was my work so no big deal right? ⠀
Everyone loses some sight of their health as they focus on other things, NO BIG DEAL.

I continued with this mindset and I was doing everything I could to learn, improve and level up my work.⠀

I realized that I wasn’t feeling clear or energetic anymore👉🏻insert coffee.

I wasn’t progressing as quickly as I wanted.👉🏻Insert audio books and podcasts.

I wasn’t feeling satisfied with my work👉🏻insert spending money for “forced fun”.

I realized that the coffee, audio books, podcasts and forced fun was not going to solve my problems.

Prioritization of working out and eating healthy, feeling like a BEAST, being physically strong, capable and confident was the answer.

THIS👆🏻put me BACK into the mindset of a world class athlete and EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE IMPROVED.

I believe so much in this idea, that I teach and preach this everyday to all of you and my clients in LifeRewired.


This answer to YOUR problem is too simple to avoid any longer.

IF you KNEW all it took was 3 months of a physical trasmformation to fix the majority of the problems you have been facing for YEARS would you take action?

⠀ ⠀
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Sounds too simple to be true. It’s not. Don’t quit and enjoy the ride and you WILL WIN.

💪🏼Your lifestyle doesn’t match your goals💪🏼

Comment “YES” if you want to start living your dream life NOW!

Whenever I come across clients that have been struggling for a while, there is always a common theme.

That theme is that they feel they need to FIX something in order to live there dream life. That dream life being happy, healthy and excited.

Loving your workouts, looking absolutely amazing and effortlessly maintain that lifestyle.

Experiencing MORE because your have infinite energy and physical capability.

Having the CONFIDENCE to strive in any situation and enjoy the different opportunities that come your way.

Attracting a PARTNER that values the same things you do and values you for who YOU are.

Wanting all of this but living a life that…

Doesn’t include working out,

Practices constant conditioning of self doubt,

Shows no effort for personal growth.

Shows no focus on diet or healthy eating patterns,


The point is, you don’t need to fix anything to start living your dream life. Start practicing the lifestyle you want and it will eventually fall into place.

Start valuing the things you want to eventually value and practice the daily pattern you want to eventual have.

The time is now, the day is today.

Comment “YES” if you want to start living your dream life NOW!

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