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Brandontjackson  "I'm not black I'm a Israelite"

Purpose with out action is obsolete..... #kingdomovereverything #royalnation #freshnfunnyunpluggedtour #kecomics

Bring me to your high school let me know which high school and what city!!! I will come to your school and speak to your youth we need some inspiration out here!!! people are confused and dying we gotta help the people society views as little so dm me which high school I should come to !! And I will speak with your youth ... let's give back y'all #freshnfunnyunpluggedtour #kingdomovereverything #royalnation

When the sun goes down make sure you Check out shout out to my boy for sponsoring my #freshnfunnyunpluggedtour #kingdomovereverything #kecomics @kecomics_

Check out this comic book its sponsoring all my tours Shout to all the business owners that love putting positively for the kids subscribe now!!! to my boys comic book !!! Thank you for the sponsorship love you brother ...Shabbat shalom !!! #freshnfunnyunpluggedtour #kingdomovereverything #kecomics

Remember who you are simba never forget your father is the lion of Judah ... always Remember who you are ..... your heritage and dignity is everything ... #kingdomovereverything #freshnfunnyunpluggedtour

The internet got me laughing on this great FRIDAY !!! Go get that album #kingdomovereverything #freshnfunnyunpluggedtour

My brother ...... this one hurts ... I don't know what to say ...

Y'all ready about to do this tour with Alex thomas !!! Y'all ready I love working with my brothers in comedy I hope y'all ready comedy beast mode tour I hope y'all ready we hitting these stages !!! Let's go !!!!

Nyc we here !!!! Let's go April fools comedy jam get your tickets !!!! ASAP !!!! #freshnfunnyunpluggedtour tickets going fast let's go!!!

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