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Who else hits the gym on a Sunday? 💪🏻

Airin out the pits between sets. -
📷: @michaeldanielework

Not flexing at all. #flexfriday

Superhero or Supervillain? 🤔

Expanding my mind with some deep philosophical life lessons from Waldo. He taught me, sometimes you gotta lose yourself before you can find anything. #motivationmonday

Unreal to think such a large structure could be built, but with hard work and dedication it was achieved. Oh, and some bridge is in the background. #outangling

Visiting my parents and had all my clothes in the wash. Wore my dads clothes in the meantime. #gains

Hunting dragons.

Trying the new photosynthesis training system. Stand outside motionless and let your body soak up the photons from the sun to synthesize into energy and convert to lean body mass. Needless to say it didn’t work and I got a major sun burn. #noshortcuts

That special moment when you eat like a pig the previous day and still have abs in the morning 👌🏻

Venice beach. It’s loud, crowded, smells like piss, a high possibility to step on a hypodermic needle or find a used condom floating in the water, but you can’t deny the energy and amazing fitness history that took place here. So it has that goin for it, which is nice.

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