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Howdy. Or in layman’s term - how are you doing? #cowboylingo

What’s your favorite motivational quote/saying? One of mine is #stayhungry because it works on multiple levels 💪🍕🍔

I passed out moments later when the swimming cap cut off all circulation to my brain and I nearly drowned.

#fbf to when I took this photo moments ago. Time is relative.

It’s an art form. Many want to learn it but few have the patience. It takes years of hard work and dedication but with consistency you’ll be able to master it. This art form is of course, the looking away from camera as if no one is taking a picture of you. #nailedit #whatsoveryonder

As you stare into the mirror there are many images you may see - the person you were, the person you are or the person you want to become. Just make sure it’s not a fun house mirror or all this gets way more confusing. #thatsdeepbruh #aesthetics #bruhbruh

yatS ffuB
rehtoM rekcuF
#motivationmonday 👊

Back at the Buff Dude dungeon. #motivationmonday #getsome

Gotta rock some shorty-shorts for leg day. It’s basically a tank top for the legs. #teardrops #quadzilla

Finally caught up to the high waist trend. #branswolo #notgoodforthecrotch

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