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Brandon Hill  Dad of Maddex & Hayes, photographer of people, places & things.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. -Maya Angelou

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Let's get vertical, vertical. 🎶

This magical pool

Pool party at Anderson School! Want to visit a restored public school turned into a hotel with pool, tiki bar and brewery? This place is amazingly cool. Featuring my good friends Jonathan, Addie, Ros and my little man, Maddex.

New photoshoot at the Seattle Bouldering Project. This place is has endless climbing for what seems like miles. Kids become pros in no time. Part of the latest feature story for @SeattleMet "What to Do with a Kid"

Sami gave up his own safety and, ultimately, his homeland to interpret for the U.S. military in Afghanistan. I'm an American, yet Sami has offered more patriotic sacrifice for America than I have. That simple fact alone is something I need to think about and wrestle with. When I spent time with him, he told a lot of jokes, made me laugh and told me how he loves numbers. (Yet another thing we don't have in common :) He wants to be an accountant someday. He has career dreams just like me, but through the luck of the draw, he grew up knowing their are bombs outside his window while I complained about my walk to the school bus stop. I'm so glad that World Relief could collaborate with me on these portraits merely so I could know people like Sami. Donate or volunteer at @worldrelief @worldreliefseattle. I'll tag the other locations around the country in this photo.

Azeb is 29 and is a refugee from Eritrea. She's been in the US for 10 months. She loves America but hopes to see her family again someday once they get through the refugee resettlement process. “I would love to learn computer programming,” she said. “When you’re coding something, you’re creating something new.”

Joseph is 42, and is a former refugee from Liberia. In 1990 he fled the Liberian civil war and ended up in a refugee camp in the Ivory Coast. Which he then had to flee because of another civil war. He ended up in the US in 2004. He smiled a lot during our portrait session because we had a lot of laughs about our cultural differences. He now helps World Relief Seattle with resettlement of refugees in Washington and is graduating from college this June.

Ajmal is 36, is a refugee from Afghanistan and has been in the US for a year and 4 months. Immediately after I met him, I was struck by his extremely calming personality. I talked with him about his goals here in the states and his family. “I have a dream to be a professional employer one day with the highest modern education. I have a dream to work closely with the community. My wife is back in Afghanistan and I’m working to get her here with me. If I can’t, than I will go back to our county to die together in each other's arms.”

Kamala is a refugee from Nepal, she is 29. Her family has been in the U.S. for 6 years while she has waited and worked through the process of refugee placement. 3 months ago she arrived in the United States and has rejoined her family. She told me she has "been very nervous when she first arrived but is feeling better". Kamala's next goal is seeing her husband again as they work to get him to the US.

Fazal is 23 years old and is a refugee from Afghanistan who now resides in the U.S. He started working with the US Army Special Forces in Afghanistan in 2011. "I was injured by an explosive device; I will always fight for peace." After his service and injury he was granted a SIV, Special Immigrant Visa which are granted to nationals working on behalf of the U.S. government and for the risk they take.

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