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Brandon Cody  The start of a new era and a NEW BUSINESS! My team has finally finished development on my NEW CAMING SITE! EMAIL ME IF your INTERESTED IN MODELING!

Just a sneak peak at a bondage shoot we did @jk.see.images he’s most likely my favorite photographer and maybe person ever! To see more go to or to have them personally made for u in any way shape or form message @jk.see.images WEBSITE WAS UPLOADED TO THE HOSTING TODAY NOW FOR THE FINISHING TOUCHES EMAIL ME AT BCODY@BRANDONUNWRAPPED.COM FOR MEMBER SND OR WEBCAM MODELING INQUIRIES #brandoncody #brandonclosetlive #brandonscloset #

Butt I got one gift for my bday thank you @tysquad4real if anyone tried to get me one before my link was bad so I fixed it! I’ll be launching my cam site soon so it will only be in my bio for a couple more day! BTW JUST DID A BONDAGE PHOTO SHOOT! Will be posting some of it on bcl! LOVE U ALL! Can’t wait to launch this i got something fun planned! #cams #nakey #bday #getit #gymtjme

Let’s just say I’m super stocked about starting TBHIS NEW WEBCAM COMPANY. I have had my issues with this sites I’ve made the live Nvr works right... it’s true what they say you get what you pay for! LETS JUST SAY I PAID ALOT FOR THIS SITE AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY! I will be finishing up with the finishing touches tomorrow and Wednesday! FET READY BCL MEMBERS SHITS GOING DOWN! If you have a porn stir model or just good looking guy refer him to me and I’ll show him the amazing beta!!! WATCHINGHARD.CON where Hardons go to get their fix! Lmao #brandoncody @watchinghard #hardons #wecam #new models @johnnyv_muscle U BEST BE READY!

MY WEB CAMMING SITE IS FINALLY Finished! What was to be brandonscloset/brandonscloselive will now be. “WATCHING HARD”” this was a 5 year in the making project with s lot of fails but it’s finally lining up correctly. AND YES ALL BRANDONSCLOSETLIVE MEMBERS WILL BE TRANSFERRED OVER TO MY NEE WEB CAMMINGBUINESS! Plz stick it out with me s little more and see what I’ve been dreaming of the past 6 years! #NEW BONDAGE PHOTO SHOOT L @jk.see.images #willl be posting some of my NAKED BONDAGE ALONG WITH MODELS THAT WILL BE JOINING “watching hard”

Let’s just say I miss the one true person who knew me completely, Nvr judged me, didn’t listen to the rumors... even if they were true I’ve been sober for s year and a half now and my life is finally becoming what I dreamed it could be, it’s people like @kenthecoach_all_one_word_ #kenthecoach LISTEN TO SOME OF HIS MUSIC ITS KILLER AND ITS ON ITUNES! Miss u bro! See u soon! #brandoncody #jeffcope #bestfriend #lifeisamaze #butwhowantstoreaxhtheend

Just finally bought my web calming business if you wana be involved or even model email me at FINALLY WHEELS IN MOTION JESUS! Anyone know PHP WELL!?? Call me add call me unorganized or just call it how it is i made it through life without any one to look up to or teach me anything so i figured out a way to teach my self TRIAL AND ERROR! And i think I’m finally done with errors for this topic lmao #watchinghard #brandoncody #brandonsclosetlive

Finally being freed from company’s chains and doing me! Yes I’m still signing with s studio next month but until than if u want to web cam without getting robbed email me at MODEL@WATCHINGHARD.COM INSTEAD OF TAKING 30-50 to 75 commission I take half of that and less the better you do! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING A MEMBER JUST EMAIL NE and no WORRIES ALL BCL MEMBERS GET THEIR FIRST MONTH FREE! #love #brandoncody #WATCHINGHARD #CAM #FANPAGE #FUCKYAH

So the live part of my site is giving me fits no worries all members of bcl. Will be recovering 10 days free and a guaranteed 1on1 as I'm transferring over to myself made website so no more bullshit and no more excused! Thanks for being along for the ride ITS MY BDAY IN 3 DAYS FEEL LIKE CELEBRATING & OR PITCHING IN FOR THE WEBSITE COSTS! I APPROCIATENALL OF YOU! JUST TODAY 40% OFF MY MEMBERSHIP!!! MY AMAZON LINKS IN MY BIO! MY WEBSITE IS BRANDONSCLOSETLIVE.COM #brandonsclosetlive #brandonscloset #brandoncody #live #bday

So for all those anti subscribers who still want a chance to WATCH AND LOAD SOME SEXY VIDEOS! WATCHINGHARD.COM this will be uploaded this weekend, and on a trail till next month! And WILL BE YOUR FULL OF VIDEOS VOD BY THE END OF THE DAY. Also All of the store videos on will be for FREE viewing on BCL FOR NOW ITS WEBSITE IS CALLED WATCHALOAD.COM BUT THAT WILL BE RIGHT ALSO HY THE END OF THIS WEEKEND! Some people call me unorganized, I MAY BE BUT IM ALSO SELF MADE, i have trust issues so I’m self efficient and anything u see is either, done by me, or I FUCKING DID IT LOL LOVE U ALL! Any questions email me BCODY@BRANDONUNWRAPPED.COM.... also Meaning members will actually be Receiving more free videos, I know the live has been confusing so if you want to one on one Skype me and your a member PLEASE MESSAGE ME ON BCL there is an inbox right on your main menu when u log in! Just tell me you want it. And we will go from there LOVE YOU ALL! #brandonsclosetlive #watchinghard #sexyshit #vod #fucksupscriptions? #igotyouboo

He’s the cutest thing in the world yet such a diva dick sometimes! @hugo_cwf #cutestdoggy #hugoboss #hugo

Always hyper after 10pm MY BDAY IS IN 10 days... :
Why is I’m the opposite of excited! :( my link for my BDAY GIFT LIST IS IN MY LINK #brandoncody #bday #jeff #oct13 #octbday #hyper #10pm #nighowl #brandonsclosetlive #brandonscloset

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