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Brandon Cody  STARTING MY NEW LIFE IN SAN DIEGO! Yes I will train u st your house or condo Gym... no I will not fuck u no matter how much money u offer! CWF 4 LIFE

Last night was insane yes i probably look drunk but i actually stayed sober the whole night and had a blast! To everyone i met lastnight u were all amazing! @dtroglenhair you made my night even if u suck at answering your phone i felt THE LOVE! And i had a blast #gps put on a great show! My first trip to la sucked but this one defiantly made up for it!! Fu** yah #losangeles #brandoncody

Is any one going to this or know how to get tickets? I may have one but Idk if I wana go....#gps #?

LATER DAYS SATURDAYS!!! Flash back. ! IM On my way to LOS ANGELES to meet up hang out with come clients and of course workout with them to show them the art of sexiness lol! But also to meet up with @dtroglenhair and get this mess of a thing I call hair cut he does an amazing job I’ll be live on insta later on hope to see some of you out there have a good weekend! And GO BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION #copewithfitness #copeingwithfitness #brandoncody #socialmedia #losangeles

Also I’m going live on onlyfans tonight! At 10:15 bring ur pop corn lol.. I’ll be live before that on my you tube channel BRANDON COPE WITH FITNESS! so cum watch me lift and give tips and than my first show tonight onlyfans.com/brandoncody #brandoncody #brandonssecret #brandoncody #socialmedia

Ok! So I’m moved in but my moving truck just called and they will be 10 more days... not fun! So I’m looking for. Airb and b for a couple days! Email me brandoncody@brandonssecret.com if u know any good ones! ALSO I HAVE MOST OF THE PEOPLE WHO WON THE SIGNED TEE SHIRTS BUT THEY GOT PACKED UP IN THE TRUCK SO WHEN IT GETS HERE ILL BE SENDING IT PRIORITY! Also email me and if u won and can prove it I’ll give u a free month onlyfans.com LOVE U ALL AND THANK U FOR your SUPPORT YOU ALL MAKE ME FEEL AMAZING EVERY DAY SO GO BACK ON BRANDONSSECRET.COM ILL BE GOING LIVE ER DAY STARTING THIS WEEKEND! #copewithfitness #brandoncody #brandon #brandonscloset

This is what my day will look like... well this and my lap top! I’m taking my first 5 clients in this week for #COPEWITHFITNESS so if u booked a consultation don’t hesitate to email me JEFF@COPEWITHFITNESS.COM ALSO PLEASE EMAIL ME AT BRANDONCODY@BRANDONSSECRET.COM if u havent got ur shirt I’m very sorry and YOU EILL ALSO RECIEVE A FREE 2 weeks of my ONLYFANS.COM/BRANDONCODY ohhhhh it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood won’t u be won’t u be won’t u be my neighbor :) I’m Getty lol #insta live? I think so! Come chat with me for s bit or don’t :( #copeingwithfitness #brandoncody #brandonssecret

You know u belong on a reality tv show when your days going perfect your about to get the keys to your new condo and u can’t find your car.... oh wait it got towed and the condo leasing office says they have nvr had anyone towed before lol.... my tire was in the fire lane! Fuck it I’m already spending 4 grand mine as well add a couple hundred! Nothing in life is easy . YOU JUST GOT TO ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES OR GET KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT! Either way u will grow wiser and stronger from it all! #copewithfitness #brandoncody #brandonssecret

San Diego is amazing! I’m loving it so much hit me up if u wana hang! #greeneyes #brandoncody #brandonssecret #brandonscloset #brandonsclosetlive #copewithfitness #copeingwithfitness #jeffcope

Just killing it at #fitsandiego still trying to figure out what Gym I should get a membership at! #gym #sandiego #fit #broadway #love #fitness #getting #back2shape

What a gorgeous doggy! @hugo_cwf he’s the best! We can wait to MOVE IN TO OUR NEW CONDO IN LITTLE ITALY SAN DIEGO IN A WEEK and get out of this hotel! #copewithfitness #brandoncody #copeingwithfitness #fitness #hugo #littleitaly

I have learned and lost a lot these last couple years! And I’m stronger than I’ve ever been because of it! It’s time to start fresh BRANDONS CLOSET IS VERY CLOSE TO LAUNCH FINALLY! Cope with fitness has a brand new mentality and IM GONA BE SHARING MY LIFE ALOT MORE STARTING NEXT WEEK! I’m going to be YOUTUBEING FROM BRANDON COPE WITH FITNESS #brandoncody #copewithfitness #copeingwithfitness #brandoncody #socialmedia #fitness #brandonssecret #youtube #youtuber

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