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BRANDON ANTHONY FLIHAN  LV ➖Professional Bodybuilder ➖11 Time Natural Champion ➖Professional Trainer (1 on 1 / online) ➖Weights, Cars and Creative pics

Current “off-season” shape. About 30 pounds heavier than stage weight in October.

Getting lean and bringing in detailed crazy conditioning has never been my issue for shows. The hardest part of this game for me is building overall mass. That has been the goal the past few months.

Moms and I out for Easter💙

Quick 40 minute workout to end my day, you got the time. You got 40 minutes. Make it happen

On some Miami Vice type shit this afternoon
Wheels, coils and more going in on the slowbra within the next month😈 it’s about to get crazy.

They talk a lotta shit... I never was one to entertain it

DM me, let’s get to work. One on one training if you’re in Vegas, if you’re not in town online training available as well.

There is unfinished business yet to be handled #StayTuned

Money can’t buy you into this game. The main reason I love this game.
I grew up in the happiest of homes, but by no means were we rich. I’d say humble beginnings. A family of workers. Hard workers at that. Growing up we were surrounded by fairly wealthy people. I love that, I learn from these people still to this day. But the thing that really drew me into bodybuilding and powerlifting is the fact that you can’t buy your way into this. Either you put the work in or you didn’t. Plain and simple. You can’t buy yourself a first place trophy, or 20 inch arms like you can with the newest pair of J’s or Yeezy’s. Or the new off whites. That’s what differentiates me from others.
Being in shape speaks volumes to me. Discipline, character, hours of work, sacrifice, mental fortitude and much more.
Bodybuilding, fitness, health... it’s much more than being “conceited” or obsessed with yourself. It’s about holding yourself accountable and to a higher standard than average. And if average is your thing, that’s totally cool! It’s just not mine.

Hit my first “par” ever today. Semi proud of myself. Semi disappointed. Not sure yet honestly. But a congratulations would be nice... lmao

Feel free to DM me for golf lessons. I’ve put a lot of time into my game and would love to share my passion with each and every one of you. Thank you.⛳️

Just finished up the last session for the week. I’m in love with this game. How big you think the arms are measuring in at lately?

Finally got the cobra on the streets today. Smogged and registered! Knocked out 6 clients and then my session. Time to rest for golf in the morning. This should be interesting... lmaooo

Practicing posing is essential for any bodybuilder. It’s as crucial as a basketball player practicing their foot work. (The ending. 😂) _________________________________
Stay tuned to my story today! I’m uploading a few of my clients training throughout today.

If you can guess what I shot today in golf I’ll write you a diet for free🏌️⛳️ 18 holes. Has to be the EXACT number! (Hint: I haven’t been golfing in at least 10 years)

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