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Brandon Amalani  Owner at Shen Blossom

I captured these images of these beautiful Goji flowers from this season. These are the flowers are what we use in our full spectrum goji extract where we combine the Goji fruit, seed, stem, leaf, and flower. The leaves are from a variety that grows in more nutrient dense volcanic soil and has a more short and round leaf structure compared to the high desert varieties with the long skinny leaves typically available on the market. If you are looking for an extract that has more of the medicinal qualities for liver, kidney, hormones, beauty, and longevity, this is an excellent well rounded traditionally prepared full spectrum available at #shenblossom

I found out that my grand teacher in our Taiji Chuan lineage Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo l passed away last Friday at the age of 92. I was honored to have met the man and to have received private instruction from him. If it weren’t for his work and translations, we would not have the tai chi body of knowledge in the west or the Tai Chi classics as we do today. This man was truly a treasure and did so much for the Tai chi world. The first student of professor Cheng Man Ching, Ben had been training tai chi diligently since the age of 23 and even in his 90s had incredible root strength and abilities that some would consider unbelievable unless they felt it in person. Ben will be missed and his teachings passed down to future generations.

While hiking the ozark mountains this weekend we lost one of the trails due to overgrowth which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we stumbled upon some beautiful wild reishi.

Authentic white coral seaweed. Coming soon as a stand-alone offering @ #shenblossom

This is our coral seaweed which is from the Familia Gigartina. This is an extremely nutritious seaweed that dose much to increase the flexibility and strength of the tendons and ligament. When you hydrate them they actually feel like a tendon. This white variety is much rarer than the green, purple, and red relatives. The hardest to obtain is the pure white variety. This is one of the seaweeds that is used in our new Potent-C plant based collagen and vitamin C formula. #shenblossom

I Have been playing with these two formulas and have been experiencing an excellent synergy in regards to brain power, focus, and energy. The naturally occurring DHA (Dehydroascobic acid) in the #shenblossom Potent-C formula is absorbed though specific glucose pathways then converted into ascorbic acid which then can be stored in the brain effectively crossing the blood brain barrier. Vitamin C is essential for proper nervous system functioning amongst other things. Combined with #cymbiotika DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) which is an essential long chain fatty acid that they combine with a generous dose of astaxanthin, these two formulas yield excellent results for brain and nervous system nourishment and repair. Comprehensive brain upgrade anyone?

We have a small batch production available on our newest formula Potent-C. Potent-C is a unique formula that combines the body regenerating qualities of collagen peptides with the collagen synthesizing, enzyme activating effects of whole food vitamin C.

Our collagen is derived from a combination of fermented seaweeds which provide the body with highly absorbable peptides that the body utilizes to reverse skin aging, build muscle, burn fat, and rejuvenate connective tissue. As with other formulas that we create, we focus on the harmony of the ingredients and how they work as a synergistic whole. Learn more:

Another round of old wild ginseng extract :-) #shenblossom

Our Blushield portable EMF protection devices send signals into the environment that the cells of the body become entrained with. This process does not alter or change the EMF in the environment, however, what does occur is that our body stops perceiving the EMF radiation as a threat as shown in the bovine study in Auckland, New Zealand. Our body stops fighting the radiation and re-allocates immune function back to strengthening the body. The inflammation markers in the study showed a normalization of the somatic cell counts in an animal that cannot have placebo effects, which suggests that the body perceives non-native forms of man made EMF radiation as a threat that the body needs to defend against. Fortunately, our bodies don’t need to work that hard anymore thanks to Blushield’s Micro-processor technology.

One of my favorite herbs of all time Ginseng root- although it might be a senior citizen of the forrest, it has a lot to teach and offer us in the way of mental/physical strength, endurance and longevity, and cultivating peace/adaptation to our ever-changing environment. Pure, top grade Ginseng is truly beyond comparison and worth every penny to have the real stuff!

A sneak peek at a tea we are honored to source From a small family who is been producing tea for generations. Exquisite aroma and flavor. #shenblossom

Check out the cool brands using our organic, American grown Schizandra #shizandra #shenblossom #rebbl #lostempireherbs

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