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Apparently, science has an official name/term for the monkey mind - Default Mode Network - Specific areas of the brain light up when your mind is wandering or not engaged in a focus oriented mental task. This group of brain regions seems to be less active when we are focusing on something and more active when we are daydreaming, recalling memories, envisioning the future etc. Although this term is not universally accepted, I ponder this concept as it relates to the discipline of bringing mindful, conscious awareness into everything one does and developing the capacity to hold more conscious awareness (internally and externally) as time passes and its potential affects on the brain. A smooth flow between effort and non-effort, between doing and non-doing, focusing and letting go with no breaks or discontinuity. Eveything becoming a meditation and performed with awareness and precision, creating light in the mind which in turn frees us from the daydream of our limitations.

Green elements + green juice = one way ticket to tasty town.

A cool, hard to find little seaweed called purple slug. Do you see where it gets the name ;-) This one you don’t want to overcook as the collagen structures are abundant and vulnerable to high heat. It’s interesting because when you soak these they become chewy like a tendon, but after you soak them, then submerge them in ice-water, they become crispy. Considering putting a small amount on #shenblossom site or eating it all myself LOL! What do you think?? It’s definitely an ingredient in our new formula coming out this summer.

New small batch production of umeboshi plum paste! This fermented plum paste is aged for 3 years and is incredibly alkalizing to the body. It helps improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients as well as helping the liver and gallbladder to function optimally. Ume imparts an intense sour and salty flavor. I love using mine to make home made salad dressings with our stone ground Gome see butter and to add a little to miso soup in the morning to detox the liver and activate digestion. This paste is transformed according to traditional preparation methods in small batches that has a different flavor and feel than commercially available ume. Grateful to know some small producers that have been making this for generations :-)

When the sunlight hits your teapot just right....

Just wrapped up shooting some exquisite teas from a remote mountainous region in Japan. These are processed completely by hand and are sourced from single trees from a single cultivar (unlike most commercial organic tea that blends different teas from different regions that are graded by multiple opinions and sorted by grade) I love getting tea direct from farmers who specialize in unique preparation methods and only produce small batches one to two times a year. When you source leaves from the same tree you gain the diverse balance that the tree spent cultivating, resulting in a more complex flavor profile and a tea that is far more relaxing than stimulating. These teas are beyond special to me and I am honored to be allowed to offer these in limited quantities at #shenblossom

Testing out some amazing Japanese incense that is up to #shenblossom standards but not $350 a stick like in previous photos .... might have a winner here.

Beautiful little aloeswood incense. Really nice meditation with this one :-)

Hand rolling Goji leaf for the drying process #shenblossom

Now that spring is here we are harvesting medicinal Goji leaves for our Goji tincture and face care line. Notice the more round leaf structure as compared to long thin structure of the high desert plateau varieties. #shenblossom

Gyokuro grade tea anyone ;-)

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