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Brand New 

New merchandise is now available online:

Science Fiction

Science Fiction, available now:

Playing shows in September, October, November in the United States and United Kingdom. Presale now available:

LP5 limited vinyl pre-order now available at

We are playing @thewarfield on September 11 with @sandyalexg. Presale tickets are available now. General on sale available at 12PM PST tomorrow.

We will be playing @voodoonola this October. Tickets will be available on Friday.

We will be playing @highandlowfest on September 9th in San Bernardino. Tickets are now on sale.

Thanks, Milwaukee! Solid town.

Thanks, Grand Rapids. And you can thank @fortjesse for the temporary blindness.
photo: @tom_oldham

Jesse's 2001 AVRI '62 reissue, ice blue metallic. Still standing. #brandnewgear

Gracias, Cleveland!

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