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It’s birthday season around here. Happy Birthday, sweet Ever. I can’t imagine life without your measured, thoughtful demeanor. You are quick witted and are thirsty to learn and, as I always tell you, would win any cuddle contest around.
Biggest love for this lovely boy on his birthday today. ❤️❤️❤️

Birthday monkeys.

In the dim light of morning, we snapped this and wished this loved one a happy birthday. It’s so interesting to me how wildly different yet so much the same my kids are. And how each one has something so valuable to teach me as a parent. This one is comedic and loud but also so thoughtful and soft. He’s the first one to think to ask how I am or be concerned if he feels something is wrong. He could play for hours on his own but deeply misses connection and fun with others if he goes too long without. I am always so grateful for another year momming this boy. Happy 9th, Sacha! Xoxo

I didn’t even cry!! Well, until I had to send the big one off to high school. .
Grades 4, 2 and 9

Workin’ hard, gettin’ new belts. *Side note*: all his taekwondo conditioning paid off at Fun Mountain this summer when he beat out about 15 other 5-12 yr olds in a planking competition to win a bag of mini donuts 💪🏻 Victory never tasted so good.

I am NOT ready for summer to be over. Just sayin’. .
Photo: @rae_del_rey

It’s a dry heat. 🔥🔥🔥

I love this guy sooooooooo much. He makes me super proud and it’s an honour to be his mama.
On to high school!

Brothers helping brothers. ❤️

He’s “burping the baby”. 😂

I just launched a skateboard tee in my biz that was designed by this guy. I really love that he collaborated with me and came up with a super rad design. I also love that he is a million times cooler than I was at 13. He also gets bonus teenager points for making me belly laugh with his clever sense of humour.

All these markets filled with brilliant ceramicists and my mug collection is getting out of hand! Good thing I drink a lot of tea.

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