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Brandie Odenbach  Jesus Lover🕇 Animal Advocate🐒🦁🐰 Mother to Non-human Kids 🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱🐊🐍🕷 CANADIAN🍁 Makeup Aficionado💄 Artist🖌 Super Sleuth🔍 Jeeper ●|||||||●


Zzzzzzz life is tiring when you have to play at the dog park for a while 😪

The A/V boyz @davidtaylorhaas and @shawnh919 in da house today for a great finale to the Christcity Conference this year. 🎉

Modern Renaissance eyeshadow look.

If I'm going to be real with you this thanksgiving, I'm going to have to state what I'm really, and I mean REALLY grateful for what I have. Often, you will hear me state, "I am forgiving to a fault". But I've come to realize what a true blessing it is to KNOW forgiveness and feel it deep down in my soul. I hardly bear the burden of bitterness in my heart, and THANK THE LORD FOR THAT! Truly, thank Him. Without the joy of the Lord in my soul, I doubt I would be capable of this on my own. And it comes so easily, so freely to me. Like water off a duck's back. This thanksgiving I am so thankful I can see the best in people, and have a heart that forgives the worst. With tears in my eyes I write this, because I have found this freedom through Christ alone. I know He has my back. And I want people to know, this gift is free to them too. Yeah, even YOU, last week when you turned my life upside down...I forgive you! I forgive because Christ has forgiven the inexcusable in me. And thank God I have found this freedom. We cannot pray in love, then live in hate and think we are still worshipping God.

Thankful for you. I still remember the days I prayed for the things that I have now.
📸 @rhonahaas

If you want to learn what someone values most, watch what they photograph.

Just when I thought Copper met his match at the dog park...he ran away with the stick.

When you open your devotional and it's literally what you've been praying about. The word of God speaks.

"Mooooom, stooop. Not in front of my friends!"

No greater friendship exists than that of a good dog. This is my girl. She's always right there at my feet, watching closely, making sure everything is ok, being my bestest friend. 😍

A T T E N T I O N! 🐶🐶🐶

I've found my side profile doppelganger. Weird.

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