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Brandi  22 | Midwest Wildcrafter + Nutritionist + Nurturer of the Earth I work with my hands

Honestly, today I skipped class, did yard work, took a nap outside with Titan and had an interview. Trying to recharge myself emotionally and physically. Eliminating things that feel toxic in my life and making room for things that nurture my soul.

Can't go anywhere without him either jumping in a river, or getting full of mud. ๐Ÿ™„

So so thanksful that @natasha_vans gave me a tour of her farm! Seriously I cannot praise this girl enough for the amount of knowledge she shared with me, and the quality of life she gives her animals. If you're in Sheboygan County and looking for a quality egg producer, please support what this woman does! From a nutritional perspective these eggs are superior to store bought eggs. Natasha let's her chickens and ducks forage the property so they can get a fully balanced diet. This increases the amount of lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants, as well as the vitamin and mineral content.

You can never go wrong with peanut butter and blueberries. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

We stumbled on this sweet little lake view A-frame cabin tucked cozily behind a patch of trees. It was only by chance that I caught a glimpse of it a couple weeks ago. We're slowly planning out our dream A-frame. I often catch myself looking for the perfect property or the perfect house that could be modified. We'll be driving down country roads and I'll squeal with zeal at something that could be perfect (if there was a for sale sign in front of it). Nathan never gets used to it and always thinks we're about to hit a deer or something.

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Just a girl and her dog foraging for ramps in the mist. ๐ŸŒฟI still have to vouch hard for these @drmartensofficial chelsea boots. I wear them through deep puddles, in the mud, hiking, to school, at work, and in the garden. Theyre super functional and they keep my feet dry. What more could you ask for in a boot?!


Literally watched these blooms unfold to the world. It's so humbling, really. Spring is, I mean.

Wildcrafted some ramps today. They're one of those plants you smell before you see. They're essentially wild onions with a flavor between onion and garlic. One of my favorite spring time indulgences!

I wish all my smoothies were this beautiful green color. This breakfast screams spring!

It's funny because when Nate and I started dated he was going to school in Platteville, and we would skype regularly. Some nights he would serenade me with his guitar and it would just sweep me away. A few weekends ago, while I was making breakfast and he was strumming his guitar in the living room, a cover of "Summertime sadness" came on. I was singing my heart out to it and Mr. Talented comes strolling into the kitchen, listens to the guitar chords and starts playing right along. That's what this picture makes me think of; when we jam together in harmony; when we work as a team.

Sitting here enjoying some granola + cashew milk + listening to the tweets of the birds outside. I'm also realizing there's like three weeks left of school not including finals and the amount of to dos just keeps getting longer. Do I really need to leave this calming little spot?

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