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Celebrating my Birthday and Easter early with the family! Thank you so much Stefano, for the beautiful flowers. Thank you Mom, Margaret Bautista for the amazing Chili Verde (my favorite) and a very special shout out to my sister Daniella for the BEST cake I've ever had in my life. And yes, it does say moist panties on it. If you know me, you know those are my two least favorite words in the English language.

When it comes to siblings, there are none better than these three! #NationalSiblingsDay #BFFs

Late post, Sunday Funday yesterday celebrating the April Birthdays 🎉 All I have to say is say Sabrina! Louder!!! 😜😂😜😂

The Ball Hawgz played another awesome game tonight and we have another on Saturday morning!!! Love these Lil Guys!!! #FuturePadres

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!!!!

Three words......Hair, Skin, Nails!!!! All the time I hear, "my hair doesn't grow", "I use expensive products but my hair still isn't healthy", and more. Well here I am, 60 days later after taking HairSkinNails, my hair has grown several inches, no split ends, thicker, healthier basically the best hair I've had since pre kids and pre products. Not to mention my skin is on point as well. Stop buying expensive products that lack results and contact me today, I promise you will LOVE your results!!!

What is essential to you? Being healthy? Feeling good? Looking good? Message me so we can get you started on all your "essentials".......

YES! I still sell ItWorks products! YES! I'm super excited that my Protein Shake Powder just got delivered to me! And YES! You need to contact me ASAP to get started on products that will make you this excited to get packages in the mail!!!!

Yesterday was their first practice and they couldn't be more excited to be on the same team! Go Ball Hawgz!!!

The Bomb!!! #pacificpokeco

Ok friends and family, I DID IT!!! I'm your newest It Works distributor and I'm looking for people to help build my portfolio immediately! I'd love to help you!! I need 1⃣2⃣ product models at my cost for a 90 day challenge‼ Who has one of the following goals⁉

1.Diminish 🚫Stretch Marks 🚫 (pregnant or not!) 2.Needs 8 servings of fruits & veggies 🌽 to be a healthier you !
3.Would like to sleep better ! Fall asleep faster 😴 and stay asleep
4.Looking to lose 20-30 pounds
5.Someone who wants to turn back ⌛ time ⌚ and have a younger looking face!
6.Tighten, tone, and firm anywhere from the neck down
7.Need less anxiety , more focus, and anti- stress
8.Wants to eat unhealthy meals 🍕 such as fast food, but not gain weight
9.Struggling with dark circles, puffy eyes, or wants plumper lips
10.Needs to Wipe Out Wrinkles
11.Looking to have mermaid hair in time for summer Stronger nails & healthier longer hair 💁 and eye lashes!
12.Essential Oils to help you feel better
Pick your # and Comment or message for details on how YOU could get my cost for this challenge!"

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