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Branden Steineckert  Drummer of RANCID, formerly The Used. Creator of Real Salt Lake anthem "Believe". Co-Executive Movie Producer: SLC Punk 2 Punks Dead Tweet me @801PUNX

I love this!! Incredible work. My lil' Radio!! Huge thanks @wastingpaper
#Repost @wastingpaper ・・・
@brandensteineckert 's puppy, Radio, is going through tough times. Hope she makes a speedy and strong recovery.
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It's always fun exploring new parts of Utah I've never seen. This is from a couple weeks ago cruising around Antelope Island in my Focus RS. It was my first time getting out there and I loved it!! So cool to see the buffalo wandering freely all around. This spot looked unlike anywhere I've been in Utah, I loved it!! It looked more like an ocean view. I recommend checking it out! But one word of warning... bugs. So so many flying bugs. Hahaha #Utah #AntelopeIsland #FordFocusRS @fifteen52 @thehoonigans

Double rainbow last weekend in Moab, UT. Camping with friends. I wasn't entirely prepared for rain, but I appreciated what it created. Loved it! #Moab #Utah

Today is one of my favorite days!!! The day I get to celebrate the birth of my incredible girlfriend @damnhell!!! It should really be an international holiday. Because anyone that's ever had the privilege of knowing her, knows what a gift to the world she is! I really don't know what I did to be so lucky. She's really got it all... incredibly beautiful, hilarious, charming, extremely talented (one of those people who's almost annoyingly good at everything she does), the most selfless, thoughtful, caring person I've ever known! The perfect balance of her tom-boy side and classy woman in the fashion industry side, and she can totally hang and enjoys all the same activities and extreme sports that I do. I've said it before... I don't know about god or the devil, but I certainly believe in angels! Happy birthday my beautiful girl. You get even better with every year. I love you so much babydoll!! xo #BirthdayGirl

Great times with @kblock43, friends & family in Moab over the weekend!! We had a fleet of @canam toys, Ken had an insanely rad @earthroamer, I brought a handful of @enohammocks, we had plenty of @yeti coolers. Safe to say we were dialed in proper as hell!! Such a great time. Always epic times with the Block & @thehoonigans family!! Thanks KB, @mrslucyjonesblock, @ken_butch, the @saxxunderwear crew & everyone there. #Moab #Utah #CanAmMaverickX3 #HooniganFamily

Pic of sticks & picks.
#TroubleMaker #RancidHOOLIGANS


Here's a new one for ya... "Telegraph Avenue".
Our new album Trouble Maker, 19 songs, out everywhere June 9th!! @rancid

*Sound On* Good morning from beautiful LA! Love the sound of song birds in the morning... and chainsaws. Hahaha The view from earlier this morning was so peaceful. I had to share it with you all. Hahahahaha!! #TurnSoundOn #HotelRoomViews #WakeUpCall #Serenity #Blessed #NoFilter

I don't love mornings or flying. But they seem to go hand in hand for me. Here's my sleepy airport photo this morning waiting for my delayed flight from SLC to LA as they fix a hydraulic fluid leak. It's always fun to hear there's something wrong with your plane that's being quickly fixed before you take off. Hahaha by the way, now that I'm here in LA... its cold! What the hell LA? Hahaha :) ...rockin that new @theonlyalaska5000 shirt though!
Time for @rancid rehearsals with my brothers. #RancidHooligans #RancidGreenDayEuroSummerTour2017

Last night sucked really bad! Most importantly there were no major injuries. My neck and back are quite sore but I'm in one piece. So is the stupid ass dude that was driving his dads shitty old Saturn and took a left turn right in front of me as I was going through the intersection. Yeah don't worry, that dumb fuckin bastard is fine too and simply ruined his dads car. The police gave him a citation as it was 100% his fault. He and his friends made jokes about "what are you gonna tell your dad? What are you gonna tell your girlfriend?" to him.
I'm still so fuckin mad!!! We could've been hurt really bad because this idiot. The police said they don't know what he was thinkin and that he "probably just wasn't paying attention". Bastard!!!
To all you drivers out there... Focus up!! You could really hurt someone or hurt yourself. Pay attention and be careful or take the fuckin bus!!
I slept like shit, I'm sore as hell and I'm still so full of adrenaline as I'm about to leave for a tour that I've been more excited about than any I've ever done! I'm very very lucky. For that reason, that idiot driver is very very lucky too.
For those who appreciate trucks you'll understand why I'm so mad.... I just bought this Raptor in Feb from my homie and driving legend @kblock43. He babied it! It had low miles, was in great condition, it had so many sick upgrades and customizations. Murdered out flat black, and $15K or more of aftermarket @kingshocks, @methodracewheels... ahhhhhhh!!!!!! As they were loading it on the tow truck, the front wheel had fallen off, the axle and right King were on the asphalt. I was sick and gutted!!! Just kept telling myself "At least you're ok. At least you're ok." Oh my god I'm still so mad!!! Again, I'm really lucky! But I'd be a lot happier if that driver would've been paying attention and my drive home wouldn't have ended like this. Thank you everyone for your concern. I'm all good! Thank god for good, safe vehicles like my Raptor!!! Walked away without a scratch. Just sore.
Again, to you shitty drivers that don't pay attention... TAKE THE BUS!!!!! JUST FOUND OUT THIS MOTHERFUCKER DOESN'T HAVE INSURANCE!!!!!

Love having my girls hang with me while I work in the garage on the @canam. As you can tell Radio hates having her photo taken. Hahaha! It's sure distracting but far more fun having these two adorable girls by my side while I work. I'm a lucky lucky man! Love my girls!! #Family @damnhell

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