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necessary ingredients for a great outdoors workout with @peppermint247 #condom #doghair #makeup

Add muscle to your butt and triple your thrusting ability with weighted hip bridges / baby makers. Key points: place a pad between the bar and your lap. Roll the bar onto your lap. Core engaged, "bridge" up by squeezing your butt, pressing very firmly through your heels, and extending your hips up to the ceiling. Pause at the very top to maximize your glute engagement. Slowly lower until bar taps the floor. Slowly extend hips again, repeat. Start with light weight (30/40/50 lbs) for 12-24 reps, 2 sets. (Swipe right to see the completion of the set)

Seated unsupported overhead presses. Key points: sit tall. Keep knees extended. Core engaged throughout. Move slowly. Lighter weight than normal. 3 x 12. HARDER THAN IT LOOKS. Purpose? Teaches the extensors (muscles parallel to spine), core, shoulders, etc. to work in tandem to maintain strict, excellent form. Improves quality and maintains safety on compound lifts like deadlifts, bench presses, pull-ups and squats. #sustainyourchange #bodybuilding #functionalfitness

Credit: @joeysbarrophotography. I was very politically active end of last year / first half of this year. My anger and despair led me to some of the darkest places. In case you are wondering why I haven't been using this platform for social justice causes recently, I wanted to give you an explanation. I'm working a lot on myself right now and trying to improve my life, so that one day I will be in a more balanced and level position (with a bigger platform!) to pick back up a slow and steady and sincere fight. Undying respect and admiration for those who are fighting. Keep it up. ✊️✊️✊️ oh, and for the few of you who read this far: I did have a big pimple airbrushed out of this, but left the oft- troubled skin on my cheeks as they really are in this photo. I am guilty of photoshopping smoother skin in other photos in this series.

Hey guys! Join me at the huge #NamasteOnTrack yoga event @armorynyc on November 11th in support of @armorycollegeprep! This event is helping raise money for Nyc students to better their education. They have an amazing menu of top-tier wellness coaches leading yoga sessions and a regular ticket is super affordable! More details at namastetrack.org

RPDR Season 9 All - Star @peppermint247 shares one of her favorite exercises for booty development! It twerks if you twerk it!

Long term friendships aren't always linear, but the right ones are very nourishing. Love you Snuggles.

Gay Marriage Advocate. Leader of the American Sexual Revolution. There's probably a lot I don't know. But by normalizing and bringing pleasure for pleasure's sake into the national conversation, he did me - and millions over - a tremendous service. You will be missed, Mr. Hefner. Thank you. @playboy #hughhefner

Thank you, @joeysbarrophotography (for the photo and experience). My biggest passion in life is storytelling. I've been writing and editing a book for almost four years, with a long break in the middle. I'm excited to look for an editor and publisher soon, and share it with the world after that. I wouldn't get to have this experience, or share it with others, if I had thrown in the towel on my life. I want to remember this in my future dark hours, and also hopefully help someone else who may be feeling desperate and frustrated with all the things they can't control in this world. Your story matters. Ask for help. You are worth it. #novel #memoir #gay

This is a great one if you want to improve back and/or grip strength. It has a built in regression so you don't have to stop when smaller muscles (forearms) get exhausted. Bodyweight row. Foam roller under heels allows for a more natural glide of the body. When you feel you can't do any more rows with heels on roller, carefully step behind the roller and continue. You will be using your legs to help you complete the rest of the set. You don't have to overdo it: 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps is great here. Work on increasing the number of rows (first version) while maintaining the number of assisted rows (second version) as time goes on. Thank you to several professionals who have provided me with so much useful information this year, and from whom I'm adopting several great techniques, including @brookbushinstitute and @ianmarkow #strength #bodybuilding #gym PS: my form is not perfect here. It's so useful to see how I move: I can tell I need to straighten out my body and not have such excessive hip extension / back arch.

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