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{ A stop in Rome } • Finally I passed for and worked in the capital city, after one year, last time (in the photo w/ my friend @doinacaraus) was really nice being sorrounded by the timeless Beauty, let’s see the results from these last days soon.🖖🏼

{ Going Further } • ...until you find the answer of your search.
#whatitalyis #visittrentino

{ Environments } • Patterns & Colours in the last story, link in my bio.
Or in the video report in my last IGTV.

{ Rays of sunshine in Trentino } • Sending my love to Trentino, which in the last two weeks has been hit from winds up to 250 kms/h and no stop storms, knocking down thousands centenarian trees.
#whatitalyis #visittrentino

{ Tones of Venice } • Meanwhile, doing a check on the sea level in the island...

{ Workshop in Venice } •
Questa volta, la prima, verranno con me per il mio primo workshop a Venezia il 9-11 Novembre
- Enrico, Masha e Nicola
( @flyenri, @most703 e @nicoladongo )
perchè alcune delle loro immagini le ho trovate interessanti, purtroppo avrei voluto scegliere almeno altri quattro o cinque di voi. Ahimè.

Per chi ha taggato le proprie foto - Grazie, per il supporto e l’interesse, con alcuni di voi ci si vedrà in giro per l’Italia nei prossimi mesi.

{ Workshop in Venice } • Last day to apply!
This time for Italy only. 😌✌🏼 Ultimo giorno per taggare le proprie foto con

1. #fotografareleemozioni + @brahmino

2. Domani sceglierò tra le oltre 700 foto taggate fino ad ora (uau, grazie per il supporto!)

3. Tre persone saranno mie ospiti a Venezia il 9-11 Novembre. •
Sarà un bel workshop, meglio senza acqua alta. • Ancora 24h, grazie ancora per il vostro supporto e feedback!

{ A Dream in Orange } • 2/2 • Here’s a creative series for @yoox.
It’s now known, I need order in my life, but the real challenge is finding the right balance between order & dream. Meanwhile I keep dreaming with a bag for work and a 8mm camera in my hands…

#YOOX #Montblanc

{ Flames of Trentino } • Heading up North for a few days, can’t wait to see some colours that my eyes feed on, even with the scheduled rain 🔥. See you in Trentino!

{ Origins of Pasta } • The seed, the sun, the water, the pasta.
In the last two years I worked in the fields of wheat, creating tales of pasta for @barilla
I’ve been able to touch the quality of the wheat, and how it’s important to take care of it, before becoming the pasta we eat.
Enjoy the #worldpastaday 🍝

{ Friend on Pattern } • One of my favourite things while traveling is spend time with local friends, like @tonyttan @nk7 @floatfish best companions when I’ve been in HK.

Ps. The iron structure wasn’t so hi and completely safe, well, almost safe.

{ A Dream in Orange } • 1/2 • Here’s a creative series for @yoox.
A woman who follow those kind of dreams like I do.
Anna brings with her the talent in the art of tattooing, and brings me into one of her worlds.
#YOOX #Montblanc

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