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For all you mamas out there in the trenches with a colicky newborn, a high needs baby, or if you're not sleeping, not showering, struggling with breastfeeding or can barely remember the activities you did that fed your soul before becoming a mother... the intensiveness of early motherhood will shift. you will feel like yourself again, but a more powerful version. you will enjoy your baby, or you will even have moments of feeling carefree - truly between the option of getting back to who you were before becoming a mother or the option of giving up on the woman you were... you will gain a more whole version of yourself.
Embrace motherhood and enjoy the process of becoming ✨✨✨ Thanks for this one @birthofamama

Bubbies is 5 weeks and chunkin up real quick 👌🏼

Summers in our fam means he is 12 shades tanner than me and stopped at every grocery store so people can "politely" ask "what ethnicity is his dad?!" 😂 he may not have my skin, but I promise he's my child

When he pulls out the step stool so he can "give brudder a bath" and you're like OKAY stop growing up and remember when he was a tiny 4 pound human that could barely fit in the same little bath 😭

One day they'll say that you are the best thing that ever happened to them. We celebrate you today and every day, happy father's day @iamdenm , proud to raise these littles by your side ❤️

This pic brings tears to my eyes 😭 Guys, birth is AMAZING. It's beautiful, powerful, messy, painful, and all the emotions in between. What an honor to be a woman and get to have the blessing of carrying and birthing new life into this world. When I was pregnant with Keagan, I got really sick and had to have an emergency cesarean six weeks before my due date. I was so heartbroken, but also thankful for hospitals and doctors and the importance of cesareans that saved both mine and Keagan's life. The last four years I worked so hard on preparing and strengthening my body for pregnancy so I could carry a baby full term and give birth naturally. When I was finally pregnant with griffin I had so many people telling us the risks of vbacs and the endless possibilities of what ifs, but we knew that this baby and this birth were a dream we could not let fear steal. We fought so hard as a team for this little one, and our birth will forever be a reminder of the power of our love and the testimony of gods goodness/ favor on our lives. We spent our 6 year anniversary laboring and birthing baby Griffin into this world, and he is the perfect representation of what our anniversary is meant to celebrate. Our marriage is full of a complex power and bond that cannot be broken or shaken, and now we have griffin to remind us of what a love like that can produce. Griffin means strong in faith/ mighty warrior, and that is exactly what he has birthed into our little fam. Happy belated anniversary Mac- let's have lots and lots of littles together and keep falling deeper in love in the process ❤️❤️ love you forever and literally couldn't have had this baby without you by my side championing me through it all

Griffin James born in the water at 7:56 pm last night weighing 7lbs 8oz and 20" long - such an amazing and beautiful birth. We're so in love already!

4 yrs old today 😵😭🎉🎈

all kinds of cheezin for this joyboy

Let's ignore how messy my room is and how grainy this pic is and acknowledge how BIG a full term belly is! Most pregnant I've ever been and so amazed that women's bodies are able to do this 😵

Soaking up these last days as a family of three❤️ So many people say it's better to have your kids closer in age, which I don't disagree with, but the 4 years we've gotten alone with him have been so special. There's a trust and a bond that goes so deep. We truly see him and know who he is, and he truly sees us. Im so thankful for the years we've had to sew into Keagan and for all the time we've had to get to know his special personality before adding another to the mix

But like, when did you get so old?

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