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Braeden Bonhomme  25 ╳ Canada Fluffy Fit Doughnut Destroyer Union Ironworker

About a year ago and 15lbs skinnier #doughnutsmakemefluffy

Doughnuts and Tacos 🍩🌮

Harley’s 101: When shit doesn’t go your way say fuck it nap break. #scooterbarspin

Burrito boyz makes me happy!This car makes me happy 🙋🏻‍♂️

Asked Santa for a chu-chu-tren for Christmas this year 🎄+🚞=🦍

Just trying to build traps that Goku would appreciate

I fart everytime I walk past the cardio section 🧟‍♂️#YesIHadEggs

Just found this hidden gem from 25lbs ago - Weird to see how much your waistline grows during a bulk but shrinks again every summer.
#ImAFatCowRightNow #ChipmunkCheeks

“Don’t touch our food and do you have any fuckin food”

When you discuss an Edmonton trip on Tuesday and end up here Friday @luciddreamingg @roach92 @amandachirsty

Alright mother fuckers,
Here come some inspirational ass shit.

Sitting at a solid 207 right now 7lbs up from the end of last bulk and it’s still November 😂 how far have you come with your goals this year?
Just hit my bench goal of 350lbs (yes that’s 315, see story)

You little cheeky bastards have one month left. Fuck off with the “Il wait till January” “New years resolution 2018 baby lets get fit!”
Why January. Why not today? Can’t make it today. Go tomorrow. It literally takes 4% of your day to get in the gym for an hour.
I lift for 45-60 minutes per day, 90 sometimes if I’m feeling mega ambitious or I’m working out my jaw and ruining other peoples pumps.
Get in the gym ya lazy cunts (I’m 8% Australian it’s okay)
Thanks @asaprudd for the bench challenge. Il take a new obey hoodie when ever you have a chance.

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