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Braeden Bonhomme  25 ╳ Canada Fluffy Fit Doughnut Destroyer Union Ironworker

Key to dadbod maintenance
1. Lift once a week
2. Eat pizza pops
3. Watch Bobs Burgers

⛵️ & 💃

Once upon a bulk I got too fat for all my clothes 🐖

Liquor demon 🧟‍♂️


“I farted” - 🌮

*had to reupload last one came out super wide*
Goes to show what the man can do. Full sleeve, zero laser. Guy just blasts over it using the existing tattoo and color scheme to create a new piece.
One session down more to come.
Stop getting shitty tattoos from walk in artists, if there is no wait it’s for a reason - Hit @riceeyes up

Thought about how my summer cuts coming along and almost debated it ☠️
Commenting available due to request by @brett.russell12 - better be a good one pal

Rawr I’m a ferocious 🦈

Day dreaming of tacos and tequila with the boys 🌮


North American house hippo

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