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巨 Braeden Rustan 巨  Looking for sponsors 😃😃 I have been doing trampoline and pkfr for 3 years. I go to Haydens gymnastics for pkfr in Georgia I am 10 years old

Just a little something that I did tonight because I just learned pop casts🔥and yes I know I barley got my hips up because I was super tired 😃😃

I was trying to to scoot full hyper and it was a little more than a hyper and with more height I can scoot dub!!!😃😃

Practicing scoot corks so I can get swing threws and so here's a scoot cork line with @webb.johnson @jb_ninjaboy

Probably the coolest flip I have ever done😎😎.There were people doing a show beside me doing flips over people and I wanted to join😂😂 but had the best 10 minutes in Times square NYC.

Just a little something before Woodward 😁😁

I finally got to meet one of my big inspirations @domitrick he such a cool guy.I also had the best week ever with training with all my friends and throwing a lot of tricks

#uncledom #shantjam #flips #friends

I have progressed so much on running scoot fulls and scoot fulls in general.

I have learned to get power out of running scoots fulls too.

#flips #waffle #boi #fulls #progress #wow #flippingfeed #backflips #frontflips #sideflips #tricking #parkour #gtramp #tired #ground

Did not even think I could do this but I tried @jb_ninjaboy . . .#boiletsgoo #flips #fulls #hashtag #waffle

Getting them a tiny bit better but still trying to fix my scoot to where I don't drift and set more instead of rushing the flip
#scoot #full #waffle #set #drift

Something from a while ago just need to post something and i was trying a dub Cody at the end as you can see

My 2 closest attempts at this it is really hard to land but that's because I have not done them in awhile a you can tell but I will redeem myself.And thanks to @jb_ninjaboy for recording over trillions of times

I am so happy I got this it took forever to do and the second one I got the whole sand from the beach in my eyes. 😂😂

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