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💃⛷🐕😘 @rachcstaub and #ozzydog !

Happy to be heading back up into the mountains tonight for more of this! This time with @davenicholson, @lauramonroewill, @rachcstaub and @n.cstaub.

Helicopters buzzing and charges firing... I couldn't help but wonder if these surroundings were anything like my grandfathers tours with the 10th Mtn Division. Only he was training for, and fighting in, a world war - while I was just skiing some powder with friends on a day off from work. #grateful #appreciation for my different relationship with the mountains. @bdevious @nicholson.brendan

This anchorage required an all night watch to keep an eye on the ice. Most of the bigger bergs are grounded and didn't move around much, but the smaller pieces drifted quickly. Some needed to be pushed away with a pole, but most were small enough to harmlessly bounce off the steel hull, which produced an eerie chorus of reverberations for those sleeping down below. It could easily keep you awake if you allowed yourself to dwell on the fact that a mere 2mm of steel is all that separates you from the freezing ocean. Or, if you had complete faith in this storied and trusty old ship, like I did, it could lull you to sleep with a big smile on your face. #northanger #antarcticastories 📷:Dec 2012.

Humpback whale exhaling early in the morning in the Drake Passage, ~20 miles off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Post inspired by @paulnicklen post of an Orca in similar conditions!

4 years ago, today was the longest day of the year instead of the shortest. 24 hours of daylight led to photos like this one, taken around 11pm. We celebrated Christmas on that little floating base camp a few days later. #whitechristmas #farfromhome

A quick glimpse into high latitude sailing (motoring...) #thatwasfun #safetyfirst

Ozzy helped himself to an elevated view of the ducks this morning.

This guy is unstoppable. As soon as the weather started to clear up, he immediately wanted to play fetch at 14,000ft. #mountaindog #youngozzy

Colorado fall is coming in hot, and putting on quite a show.

If every morning could start like this, I think I'd be ok with that.

We found a little bit of every season all at once on Mt. Elbert yesterday.
#14 ,439ft #co14ers #mountainweather #mtelbert

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