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Music lovers! @collectionband just released their newest album! I had the pleasure of seeing them play last week. It was worth it for me to drive 2 hours one way on a work night, staying out until 2am and going to work the next morning, it's worth it for you to listen to their new album! These guys are really cool, I promise you won't be disappointed. #thecollection #goodmusic #goodpeople #goodtimes

"I wanna be the king of Spain"
This will be me in June. Traveling to Europe to climb with my friends @sage_miller @rachel_hope_burnett @betheindian ? And my beautiful wife @____tink___ this June. #exploreeveryrhing #exploreeverywhere #climbspain #fortheloveofclimbing #climbclimb #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo

I realize it's been a minute since I've posted anything about climbing, in part because it's been infrequent, but don't worry, I'm not done climbing yet. This was from a really brief session in #clearcreekcanyon with @betheindian on Sunday. Trying to squeeze in little bits of climbing between bad weather and scheduling. This was two pitches up, enjoying the warmth from the sun and the view of the canyon before the final and scariest pitch of this overhung 5.10d dihedral. #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #explorecolorado #climbclimb #climbcolorado #climbrocks #climbhigher

If you live in/near Portland and love good coffee, good people and good music, please, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and go check out the brand new @foxycoffeeco shop on 37th and Belmont. I promise, you won't be disappointed. These people are 1 in a million, and their coffee is roasted with extreme love and care and skill. Just thought you should know. #damngoodcoffee #damngoodpeople #foxycoffeeco

Some people know me as Young Bradley, others know me as Factory Edge Brad, but for 6 real months I've been striving to be known to myself as Plant Based Brad. It's easier than you might think in some ways, and harder than I expected in others, but ultimately the best thing you could do for your body. I'll admit that I've been hypocritical over the last 6 months, eating a plant based diet has been eating healthy for 75% of the time and eating Clif bars and graham crackers the rest of the time. But I've decided it's time to step up my game, and luckily now I have the support of my wife, who's agreed to join me in this. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on what you put in your body. The old saying "you are what you eat" could not be more true. I'm not saying that everyone needs to follow a strict plant based diet, but what I am saying is that you owe it to yourself and the people who love you, to have the facts before you make bad decisions about your diet. Ignorance is bliss and all, but cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes don't care if you were ignorant about your diet, and they'll sneak up on your if you're not careful. Get #vegecated #poweredbyplants #plantbased #greenlife #plantstrong #greenprotein

This is important. I'm really excited about this.

It's this ones birthday today, (mollie, not the deer...I mean, it could be the deers birthday too, there's no way to know) and she's sick. So let's think back to the summer when she wasn't sick, but was too busy being a fairytale princess to be sick. Happy 22nd birthday, I look froward to the many more years of feeding woodland creatures with you. #peterpanandtinkerbell #happybirthdaymolerino #sorryyouresick #ihopeyouapproveofthisyearspicture #lerve

Weekend getaway. Snowy cabin in the mountains. Happy birthday @____tink___
#cabin #cabinlife #mountains

@betheindian being sketchy af (at first) in the sketch whale II #vanlife #vanimal #moose #sketch #gnarvee

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