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Brad Kearns  Primal Blueprint Publishing. Speedgolfer. High jumper. Dog trainer. Freestyal wrapper. Small wave surfer.


We know it’s important to buy fresh, real food. But walnuts are walnuts, right? Well, when you taste a truly fresh, locally grown walnut, the difference between store-bought is remarkable! Found these at a local hardware store front counter display. Delicious!

Rainbow eating! Quick lunch of chard, hard boiled pastured eggs, sundried tomatoes, pomegranates, carrots, onions, celery, purple cabbage, puréed nuts, and of course @primalkitchenfoods chipotle lime mayo. Many of the veggies are available pre-chopped from @traderjoes so this takes only minutes to pan fry!

After dinner stroll - irresistible detour...

This could be one of the greatest food products for sale on the planet. Trader Joe’s frozen wild caught scallops (incredibly inexpensive vs fresh stuff at premium markets, with a quick homemade pesto sauce. Thaw them out, cook quickly in a pre-heated skillet, and enjoy!

Morning sprint and high jump session followed by 7 min in my new Rubbermaid stock tank, water 60F. Following #PrimalEndurance Chapter 9 Recovery tips, including cold water therapy. Even after a warm shower, I shivered for an hour afterward. Hormetic stressor to promote recovery and increase alertness so I can make interesting clever Instagram posts.
Regimen inspired by human athletic specimen ageless wonder Ironman dunk machine @davekobrine - of the legendary Kobrine running family mentioned in Chapter 10 of Primal Endurance book.

First ever effort to make kombucha great fun, “great success” (@borat). First, brew strong black tea, add sugar, add SCOBY bacteria (gift from Dr. Lindsay Taylor @theusefuldish). SCOBY ferments sugar and caffeine for a week and then you have kombucha! Phase 2 fermentation you add something sweet (lime, dried mango, ginger pic here), and it will ferment further and carbonate and take on these flavors. ¡Dios mío - Es tan delicioso!

Greetings, the Keto Reset Diet is now available everywhere books are sold. Mark Sisson and I are pleased to report that the book has already reached the amazon.com top #30 overall bestseller list...and #1 in all three diet categories (Paleo, low carb and ketogenic). The Keto Reset Diet is for everyone! It starts with a 21-Day Metabolism Reset to escape carbohydrate dependency and become an efficient fat burning machine. If you want to reduce excess body fat, promote longevity and disease protection, and improve physical and cognitive peak performance, consider the totally do-able step-by-step process outlined in the book. If you are too busy to read, check out the audio book that I narrate with high entertainment value.
Watch Mark Sisson talk about the book on Friday, Oct 6th edition of Good Morning America. After you order the book, click here and you will get some awesome bonus materials. Let me know if I can help you with your diet and lifestyle goals any time. Send me a note (brad "at" bradkearns.com). Thanks for your interest!

Morning smoothie so thick it needs a bowl. Thanks @nourishbalancethrive for the great suggestion. I have more energy and better recovery from intense workouts after adding this to my game. Ingredients: Base of unsweetened coconut or almond milk, 1 scoop Primal Fuel, 1 scoop @organifi green food powder, 1 Tbl raw potato starch (prebiotic), supplement powders (creatine, carnitine, MCT oil), coconut flakes, and 2 handfuls of pre-frozen veggie mix: kale, spinach, celery, ginger, lemon, lime (with skins), and beets (hence the color). Sprinkled on top are cacao nibs, blended nuts, and almond butter. This is a keto-friendly preparation with minimal net carbs. You can use frozen banana and blueberries for more flavor and carbs.

Visited the just-opened @primalkitchenculvercity1 for an absolutely delicious meal. Bob Montgomery (L) GM&head chef and the man with the plan Kyle Sisson (R) have the operation super smooth. Look at the menu online it's incredibly creative and of course exceptionally healthy. 95-year-old Walter Kearns destroyed the chicken&waffles plate. If you live anywhere in LA or even SoCal make the drive to happening Culver City - it's worth it!

153lb at weigh in, #mcgregor from 80 hours of training, me from 80 hours of fasting due to illness. Might help reframe your perspective about weight loss and health, as often there is an obsession with numbers instead of making true progress with health and fat adaptation. #primalendurance #ketoreset

Welcome banner for new students at prestigious girls prep school with mascot of Troubadour. Irresistible (photoshop) graffiti opportunity...

Never forget A.I Dawg! #alleniverson

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