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Brad Kearns  Get Over Yourself podcast New York Times bestselling author Guinness World Record Speedgolfer High jumper, Freestyal wrapper, Small wave surfer

@marksissonprimal on the Get Over Yourself Podcast - Get to know Mark, his background, and his entrepreneurial spirit like never before! Listen to the interview over at

This show is an interesting compare and contrast to my earlier breather show about the Japanese men’s World Cup soccer team, and the evolved competitive spirit of doryoku (“honor in the effort”) that is a central element of Japanese sports culture. Listen over at

My interview with Dr. Goldstein on the Get Over Yourself Podcast had a deep impact on me, because he explained beautifully how our repeated use of technology gets integrated into habit. We have engaged in “intentional practice and repeated it until it becomes automatic–until it becomes habit.” Head over to to listen!

New Get Over Yourself Podcast Episode!
I welcome Mia Moore to the studio for her first show, appropriate being that the Get Over Yourself Northern California studios are located in her house! (SoCal studios are at my mom and dad’s in case you are curious).

Just switched to old school, “original“ style light bulbs. These have a yellow tint filament inside which is far less disruptive to circadian rhythm and mitochondrial function then today’s popular LED lightbulb, which emits a constant intense flickering invisible to the naked eye, but messing with your brain and your melatonin production at night.
Thank you @taniateschke author of #TheBordeauxKitchen for the tip. Future podcast guest! Found these bulbs at Home Depot. Do-rag was a gift from Ali G...#getoveryourself #yellowlight

Enjoy the trailer for my new podcast, Get Over Yourself! I cover health, fitness, peak performance, personal growth, relationships, happiness and longevity, with humor and little spice.
Slow down, take a deep breath, take a cold plunge, and get healthy, fit, and happy! Tone down the down high-stress, tightly wound approach that often leads to disappointment and burnout. An interesting mix of entertaining and inspiring shows, including brief "Breather" shows for some quick laughs, smiles, and inspiration. Please push play so we can have some fun! Listen now at!

In this #podcast episode I complain about the trend of overused, over-glorified peak performance tips and tricks... listen in and let me know what you think!!

Morning sprints - #goldengatebridge
Golf shirt? Gotta respect the game...#speedgolf

I visit the heart of Orange County, CA to talk with a legend in the world of cutting edge athletic training and peak performance—author, coach and unscared competitor @_brianmackenzie on the Get Over Yourself Podcast.

I offer up memorable nuggets from some of the world’s leading relationship experts, including John Gottman, Harville Hendricks, and Esther Perel. When in conflict, call to mind the acronym WAIT: “Why Am I Talking?!” Check out the link in my bio to listen to this most recent Get Over Yourself Podcast Episode.

Fast until 2pm, then hit the ultra colorful Bigass Salad ala @marksdailyapple and @primalkitchenfoods and @wholedoods #salmoneggs

Most everything available from Trader Joe’s, except the @primalkitchenfoods and the salmon eggs, which I caught by spear and harvested with bowknife during recent river excursion

As you may know from watching my soon-viral YouTube video, I am big into his daily morning and evening chest freezer cold plunge regimen.

Check out this episode of the Get Over Yourself Podcast for a detailed account of the benefits, rationale and how-to instructions for the fabulous health regimen of cold water therapy.
Link in bio.

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