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Shout “Hallelujah!” because GOD’s so good, sing anthems to his beautiful name.
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭135:3 MSG‬‬
Thank you @israelcannan @lucas.paleaae @moyagwynharrissmith @bronnyberry @fergo

So looking forward to celebrating the greatest story of them all at our Thrive Carols service on Christmas Eve 6pm.
This is a night for anyone, whether you believe in God, come to church, don’t come to church, whatever!
Come join us anyway!
In the meantime, enjoy a snippet from some of our creative team 💥

Are you interested in coming to the Holy Land?
Next year I’m taking a tour to Israel that promises to be inspiring and life changing in partnership with @keshetjourneys @moshicco
My first trip to the Holy Land in May this year was a game changer for my faith and my understanding of the bible.
If this is something you’re interested in doing, reach out let’s have a conversation about it!
I can also send the complete itinerary for those who want more info!

“For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.””
‭‭Zephaniah‬ ‭3:17‬ ‭NLT‬‬ Wherever you are today, whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re facing: Let His song over you be the loudest.. Selah

Brothers 👊🏻

Today was a standout! Loved the opportunity to interview @moshicco on all things Israel, The Holy Land and the vision behind @thejesustrek
Thanks again @moshicco & @jeannettegabbai .. enjoy the rest of your time in Aus! 🙌🇮🇱

In May I took a trip to the Holy Land that was life changing. It wouldn’t have been possible without my friends encouragement & leadership in making it truly memorable. @natebuzz you walk out what you believe bro - much respect ✊
Here is some of his work below taken from that trip 🙌🙏
Repost By @natebuzz: "Around this body of water Jesus would perform miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle;
Lepers would be cleansed
The sick would be healed
The blind would come to see
The hungry would be fed
Cripples would walk free
Violent storms would be silenced
Even Water, this very water would be walked on.
But what miracle has Jesus perform in my lifetime?

All of the above... In him & through him I have been cleansed & restored.
I have been healed & repaired.
I have been lifted up & set free. I am No longer blinded by the world & it’s empty offerings, today I truly hunger & thirst for His righteousness. Yes my Storms will continue to come but His words, His voice & His authority will continue to silence them. Just as His words, His voice & His authority offerings me a relationship like no other.
The creation that looks to His creator in awe & wonder.
Hope this post gives you a glimpse into the Truth that is Jesus Christ.
Big thanks to
@galilee_sailing_ltd - The Boat
@bradhagan - The fellowship
@thejesustrek - The next adventure
@ptonypterodactyl The Music - No place on earth 🎶" (via #InstaRepost @EasyRepost)

I walk with confidence into an unknown future with a known God::

After an incredible 8 days, I’m leaving the Holy Land. I fly out of this land having experienced the places in the bible, the places Jesus lived and walked and the places where so many defining moments in history occurred.
I leave here with my heart full, my soul inspired and my faith lifted to continue this incredible story of redemption that started in this land.
Somehow, some way I’m in this story and although the part I play might be small, its still part of the overall story. A story of Gods love for humanity and a story of the ultimate sacrifice of His Son, Jesus on a Roman cross for the sins of all mankind and then risen to life 3 days later.
Throughout the places I travelled, I experienced moments. Moments of contemplation where I considered my creator and all that He has done. Moments where I heard Him speak and moments I sensed Him near.
Here are just a few of these moments captured by my good friend and brother in the faith @natebuzz
#Israel #Holyland #Bibleplaces

Being in the Holy Land has been a surreal experience so far. To physically visit the places you’ve drawn so much biblical inspiration & truth from over the years is humbling & deeply meaningful.
Amongst all the history, geographical significance & stunning scenery have been simple moments, special moments with my Saviour. Moments to simply be still before Him. 📷 @natebuzz

Good Friday..
Approx 2000 years ago God entered the human race and lived among us as one like us.
Someone who showed us what God was like, someone who is God.
A humble King
A suffering Servant
A crucified Messiah
A messiah that took away the sin of the world even though He had no sin of His own.
A saviour who bought salvation and freedom on the cross. A price we could never pay.
Good Friday? It’s good because we see it from the perspective of Sunday.
A risen King
A victorious Saviour
Our resurrected King who defeated sin, death, guilt & shame.
This is my saviour, this is my Jesus, this is the truth..
Thank you so much Jesus Christ.. #jesus #thecross
#goodfriday #heisrisen

Really looking forward to this weekend at @heretothrivenow as we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of the KING OF KINGS, Jesus Christ.
This FRIDAY evening (March 30th @ 6pm) + SUNDAY morning (April 1st @ 10am)
Love to see you there!
#easter #jesus #thecross #emptytomb #newlife

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