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braddietrash 4.0  Wonderful! I eat the air, like chameleons do. I’m positively stuffed with air, I eat so much of it


I don't know what to do with this account
Wanna play a game?
Gimme suggestions
It can be weird

You know what has to be put to an end? "Cancelling" people
That shit is dumb af

I'm sorry for anyone who found my post about Jojo the other night inappropriate. I thought it was blatantly obvious enough that it wouldn't be considered sexualizing a child, but I understand why many disagreed. It was a bad call on my part and not the type of content I want to be putting out there on the Internet, joking or not

Honestly, as disappointing as it is to see Millie choose to be with Jacob, people actually have to get off her ass. It’s not her fans decision who she dates and people need to let her make her own mistakes

You know what I just realized, saying hbu is incorrect English because it should actually be “hay” because How About You, but we are so lazy that we use slang in abbreviations even though it’ll only be 3 letters either way... like that’s so mind fucking. But if someone asked what’s up and you said “nothing hay” they’d be like “wtf”
Our generation is the epitome of laziness

Okay but I genuinely don’t understand how someone can lose flexibility so quickly? I just have never seen someone lose their flexibility at that pace. None of my dance friends lost their split, I barely stretched for the last few years after I stopped dancing and I can still get hit an decent oversplit without stretching. And a lot of adults who haven’t danced in decades still can do a split. Honestly I cannot imagine being unable to do a split lol
Is it because she was naturally inflexible? Would you lose flexibility a lot faster if you were?
This will always bother me oml


So sorry, my camera doesn’t focus on replaceables

So I made the incredibly unwise decision to make a multi fandom account for edits and shit even though I kinda started learning how to edit this morning at 5am for the first time BUT, if you’re amazing and willing to watch me fail 25 billion times before making a decent edit, here’s my shameless (pun intended) self promo @xselfdeprecation

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