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Bradley  Even if I could put my finger on it, I still wouldn't.

I don't expect this to make much sense at first glance but it's a juxtaposition of sights I often focus upon out of the window of the Glen Waverley train into Melbourne city. Mostly it's the grid of metal bars mounted to the dark backdrop which produces the effect of kids faces and overlapping eyes. It's so deceptively simple yet it produces such a riveting image; I'm surprised that it's not used more often in public art pieces.
It's NYE here and almost midnight. I didn't go out; I'm drinking prosecco and eating gourmet hotdogs at home on my own and I'm aware that I'm happier than I've been in a long time. I'm busting my arse just to make rent, I have barely any savings left, my plans to be further ahead have never been farther behind but I really feel like I am where I should be. That's the most important thing I could hope to be true at this moment.
Ok, there are a few girls from Portland that often make me wish I was there on any given day; but that's a fantasy for an entirely different life. 😏😁 #ILoveMelbourne #MelbourneIsAwesome #GlenWaverleyline #EasternSuburbs #PublicArt #NYEAustralia

You know I'd really like to explain this photo but for some reason I'm just not gonna...
Instead I'm going to list ten things that make me insanely happy for no particular reason:
1. Watching little kids and their parents discover playground equipment for the first time.
2. Riding my bicycle along the river on a sunny day and having the music of Frank Sinatra play through my earbuds.
3. Cooking and eating with friends.
4. Lists that are about happy things.
5. The number '5'. 6. The fact that New Zealanders say "sex" when the mean "six" and "six" when they mean "sex". 7. Melbourne.
8. Many people from Melbourne.
9. The show "Please Like Me". 10. Girls from Portland. ❀️ #publicart #muralart #sunnyday #bluesky #vancouver #vancouverisawesome #littlepersonperspective #10thingsthatmakemehappy

I mean really, if you're gonna have someone come in and paint a mural on one side of your building could you do any better than this?? Personally, I think the cheeky television antenna on top is the's sub-Urban. πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸΎ
#LushSux #mural #publicart #streetart #TaylorKimandKanye #freetoairtv #Richmond #MelbourneIsAwesome

I took a photo of this piece of public art in Vancouver without knowing a thing about it. Turns out it was the winning entry into a competition held in 1979 by Parks Canada to honour Captain George Vancouver, the first European to enter Burrard Inlet. They asked that any entries be made of a permanent material (not wood) and not be the likeness of a man which I think this piece adheres to admirably. Still, to me it doesn't scream Captain George and when you read the artist's summary you'll be as suspicious as I am about it's concept.
According to Alan Chung Hung (the artist); "The objective of the sculpture is to create a symbolic image with definite visual expression, awakening an awareness in Captain George Vancouver's contribution to the world, his remarkable and meticulous surveys which included the north Pacific coast."
Sounds to me like Alan had this handed to him and then came up with a description that included the Captain's name just to placate the usual whiners...and there were whiners.
Oh, and in case it was still a little obscure to most people Mr Chung Hung titled this piece "Gate To The Northwest Passage". Yeah that's the way to take any guesswork out of it. 😏
Anyway, it took me a while to figure out the best angle to photograph it but I think I've definitively captured the trials and tribulations of Captain George's travels and the subsequent subjugation of the native peoples and their lands...blah, blah, blah.
Now where's my grant. 😏
#vancouver #vancouverisawesome #publicart #GateToTheNorthwestPassage #sunnyday #bluesky #VanierPark

I did one of my favourite things today; I visited a plant nursery. Warran Glen is way the eff out in the sticks (compared to where I am) but it's a joy to behold. Beautiful plant selections and garden accessories, an eclectic gift shop, a landscaped trail through the trees with this water feature, fat happy ducks, and an awesome cafe which serves a killer brekky. If it wasn't a 40min drive away I'd certainly go there regularly.
#WarranGlen #Warrandyte #artificiallake #gardennursery

The attack of the fifty foot fairy brat. 😝
This wall is right across the lane from where I lived in Melbourne's CBD but the mural at that time was a crazy looking collection of what looked like women's arms. I'm not sure who is responsible for the art that adorns this wall but it's done in the poster style so no paint is directly applied to the walls. This little(?) lady is spectacular when you stand in the lane way looking up at her and at first I was convinced that it was Eleven from "Stranger Things". Melbourne street art is next level bro.
#melbourne #melbournestreetart #melbourneisawesome #russellplace #postergraffiti #notelevenbutstillcool

As if the 'Sango-kaku' Japanese maple needed any help in showing off its autumn foliage; this happy accident of planting it directly in front of a cedar hedge gives it the perfect backdrop to get all fall colour on yo' ass. 😜 πŸπŸŽƒπŸΏπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ #japanesemaple #sangokaku #sangokakujapanesemaple #westvancouver #cedarhedge #flatlight #iloveplants

If you're familiar with the Monkey Puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana) then you'll know how close to injury I came when taking this up-tree shot. The scaly leaves tipped with super sharp spikes and the rough bark would cause a πŸ’ to puzzle over how to climb it...or so it was said.😏
I think it's nature's way of protecting something important.
Maybe the Monkey Puzzle tree knows something we don' isn't called a living fossil for nothing. 😐

#monkeypuzzletree #araucariaaraucana #uptreeskirt #treetrunk #treebranches

When the view from the sink looks like this, the dishes get done verrrrrr-y slowly. ☺️ #vancouverisawesome #vancouver #canyonheights #northvancouver #sunset #englishbay #lookingsouth

It's like somebody came in and sprayed this alley with WTF. 😐😝 #vancouverisawesome #streetart #pinkandyellow #alley #vancouver #earlymorning
Hey @missvickie_ I heard you. 😘

What I love about my new place is the view of the mountains...
#vancouverisawesome #graffitiart #eastvancouver #eastvan #bnw #blackandwhitewednesday

It's a good thing I noticed this spider and web early in the workday because 7hrs later I would stumble face first through the middle of it whilst planting between the trees.
Sorry 'bout that spider-bro. My bad. ☹️
#spider #web #spiderweb #huntsmanspider (I think) #forest