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Bradley  Even if I could put my finger on it, I still wouldn't.

I'm not a religious man and my natural skepticism keeps me from attributing too much value to the amorphous concept of "the universe" but when you are alone and the horizon glows with the promise of a new day, and the path ahead is littered with only the footprints of those who came before you, its easy to feel connected to the universe; and I mean that in a literal sense.
Cold and quiet with a place to myself and only the path ahead beckoning my is times like this which cause people to reject all the trappings of regular life, and instead, pack all their belongings in a van and travel for years taking photos and sharing experiences. I think that time is coming for me in the not too distant future. 😌

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Let's talk about Eucalyptus pauciflora or Snow Gum. This amazingly beautiful tree is native to the sub-Alpine and Alpine regions of Australia growing in between the 1300-1800 metre range of the mountain regions. It has evolved to withstand cold and snow and prolonged periods of frost due to its downward facing leaves and non-freezing branches which bend to shed any heavy accumulations of snow and ice. It doesn't germinate through the process of fire and smoke like lower region Eucalypts but through shoots and tubers beneath the bark or from a large rootball below ground. As a result when bushfires move through these areas the trees are killed off and since they have such a short season to replenish it's almost impossible to regain large growth in a reasonable amount of time. This makes them fairly rare and endangered but they are being introduced to some other cold climate countries like Norway.
I think they are absolutely gorgeous trees and I'd hate to see them dwindle to nothing. I'm hoping to work with forest fire management in the future to be on the front line of helping to prevent the decimation of forests and homes in our area. Keep your fingers crossed that I get in! πŸ€žπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ #Eucalyptuspauciflora #DinnerPlain #bright17instameet #Snowgum #AlpineNatureExperience #LoveBright

A little artsy-fartsy for your perusal. This icicle display will probably be gone by the end of the day so I was happy to cram myself under the eaves for an "icicle-meets-horizon" shot. Absolutely love this Mt Buffalo chalet area and sunrise is definitely a must-see from here.
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These little footsteps barely break the surface of the snow and by their placement you can tell the little critter was proceeding cautiously. For good reason too, since the drop-off where those tootsies end is a good 200 metres down...or more. Nothing about those prints say 'suicidal' though so I'm betting this particular animal had good reason to be heading for the edge.😏 #MtBuffalo #CrystalFalls #MtBuffaloChalet #Footprints #snow #Sunrise #Bright17Instameet

A lovely lady I met during today's instameet convinced me that I should post this photo. It's what greeted me about a month ago on my return to Bright from a week away. As I walked along the street towards home a cloudburst passed drenching everything in its path but it was immediately followed by a sunny blue sky and double rainbows stretching right across my path. I couldn't fit both rainbows in frame but this lower one was so vivid I literally stood in the street to make it work. I'm no hippie-dippy type but if I were looking for a sign that l live in the right place...this is it. Thanks @emeraldwink for talking me into posting this. 😘

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Things this could be:
A wave crashing into a metal barrier forming the perfect barrel and caught in a moment.
A contemporary sculpture representing Donald Trump's hair and political mindset.
A tunnel of beer froth cascading over a dry riverbed landscape.
A melting sheet of snow and ice slowly creeping off the edge of a chalet roof...turned sideways to mess with your head.
It's the last one you dummies.πŸ™‚ #DinnerPlain #Bright17Instameet #Edge #ItSnowsHere

How awesome is this! Met with a dog sled your on the way back to the bus...much petting and doggo appreciation ensued.
#bright17instameet #DinnerPlain #AlpineNatureExperience #DogSled #Huskies #WhosAGoodBoy

The man himself, Jean Francois. French Alpine mountain man, fondue master, wine expert and lover of the Australian Alpine area. Built this teepee with his bare hands and rubs this #AlpineNatureExperience company here in the Hotham area. Gotta love a chance to check out a deal like this! ☺️ #DinnerPlain #Bright17Instameet

Instagrammer Vs Icicle. Who wins?
Well me of course. πŸ™‚
On the #Bright17Instameet for our winter excursion into the snowy regions of the Australian alpine area around #DinnerPlain and #MtHotham.
Suffice to say it's a perfectly gorgeous day and snow is thick on the ground; best conditions in 15 years is what they're saying!
Thanks to Alpine Nature Experience and the coordinator Jean Francois for this amazing treat. πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Post-Apocalyptic Carpark.
Good name for a band in my opinion. 😏
I once started a game whereby we would place the word "pumpkin" into already existing band names (because of Smashing Pumpkins) and try to get the biggest laughs. I mean once you start riffing on "Led Pumpkin" "The Mighty Mighty Pumpkin Tones" "Bob Pumpkin and the Wailers" "Tom Petty and the Pumpkin-breakers"...well, you can see how silly it could be.πŸ˜›
This went on in fits and spurts for a while, and each time we thought we'd found the most perfect, funniest one, somebody would top it. Until one day in the car with my friend Adam when, during a quiet moment apropos of nothing in particular, he looked at me quite seriously from the drivers seat and locked eyes with me. "N. W. P." he said, and for about two seconds whilst it dawned on me exactly what he was saying there was silence and then suddenly we were both screaming with laughter. It was literally the funniest moment I had ever shared with someone over something so patently silly yet incredibly witty. Three little letters that caused us to pull over and laugh until we choked; full on belly laughs until tears ran down our faces with minor laugh-eruptions for many minutes thereafter. It goes down in my personal history as an epic moment.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The game ended that day; I mean why not, right? But what a perfect end to an absolutely ridiculous game and one that makes me think back with so much affection to the times I spent with the awesome people who played along with me.
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I've been feeling somewhat melancholy lately; missing Canada and dealing with my current state of stasis. When I was in Vancouver and I felt this way I'd go down to the older parts of the city and take photos like this. The downtown east side is not a wonderful place when one considers the rampant drug epidemic, the exploitation of the disenfranchised and the treatment of the homeless that takes place there but it has character and history and a million stories. I'm not even sure if The Patricia Hotel is still there since so much gentrification means these old ladies make way for condos and coffee shops, but I have my memories from here and that will have to do I guess.
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I've seen some absolutely killer photos featuring this tree, one in particular is a night photo that shows the Milky Way behind the tree from the opposite angle to this shot. I feel like maybe I'm doing a disservice by showing this in black and white but the stark beauty of this tree in death seems both a statement of finality and a confirmation of life at the same time. I know that sounds like art-wank talk but if you sit with this tree long enough you can hear it's story. I hope it stands here for a long time to come.
#DeadTree #TheHorn #MtBuffalo #LoveBright #BrightIsBeautiful #Bright #BlackandWhite #BnW

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