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Bradley  Even if I could put my finger on it, I still wouldn't.

I had this place all to myself for about three hours on a 30 degree Celsius day. Got all sweaty hiking down and then I ate my lunch and went in for a swim IMMEDIATELY after...cos I'm all gangsta and shit when it comes to swimming rules. 😎
I have a feeling it'll be hard to get this place to myself again anytime soon but I'll try when the weather heats up again for sure. This is just the lower part of the falls but it is the best place to splash around; the upper Falls don't really have a pool like this one. Plus I saw a good sized brown snake on the hike to the upper section so now it's ruined for me. 😏

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There's a little part of my brain that wants a walk down places like this to never end. Maybe that's my version of heaven; alone with my thoughts, sun dappling it's way through autumn leaves, the colours of the rainbow lighting my path and silence save for the rustling of fallen leaves making way for my feet.
Yeah, this and a beer. Heaven.☺️ #Beechworth #BeechworthChineseGardens #SeeHighCountry #NortheastVictoria #Pathway #Trees #AutumnColours #Autumn2017

Another from the lookout area above Crystal Falls on Mount Buffalo. If you zoom in enough you can see a couple of other intrepid photographers placing themselves for the sunrise shot, and to the far left on the rock face you can faintly make out the launch ramp where the hang gliders take off. When I first spied that ramp I just couldn't believe that people throw themselves off there with nothing but a committed belief in science and their own ability to fly...I guess I've just never had that much faith in myself, ever. 😳
I did however avoid being convinced to go outside the safety rails and give @merrijignic a shot of me balanced on some precarious boulders. Can't believe she's a teacher....😐😝 #MtBuffalo #CrystalFalls #MountBuffalo #MountBuffaloChalet #LoveBright #Bright #BrightIsBeautiful #SeeHighCountry

I have a slight anxiety issue with mirror mazes or house-of-mirror attractions at fairs. I just can't go inside these places; something about seeing so many of me is just a little disconcerting. Taking this photo wasn't a problem though but I bet other people know what I'm talking about. Maybe years of watching cheesy movies that ended with a shootout in a house of mirrors has left me with some form of "Mirror Aversion Syndrome". 😏😐
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Lake Catani in the early morning light presented a bit of a problem for an iPhoneographer what with the sun beaming directly at the lens and the scope of the mist covered water. I'm sure it was beautifully captured by those with great camera setups.😏☺️
However, I heard Scott (@brightmove ) spinning a yarn to a group of people who seemed very intent on what he was saying, so it seemed the perfect time to use this web as a metaphor for Scott's narrative skills. Thanks for helping me capture a group in my web shot Scott. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸΎ
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There's a Van Gogh exhibit at the NGV in Melbourne right now. It celebrates his art through the four seasons, which apparently Van Gogh appreciated more than many artists of his time. I can only wonder what masterpieces he would have produced from scenes like this; it's almost a perfect subject for his style.
This is the view from Mayford Estate winery, a boutique winery which produces three of the most highly prized wines in the region. It's a by-appointment-only winery so not many people get to see it on a regular trip through the area, but we were lucky to be invited during the #Bright17Instameet and we also got to taste the Chardonnay, Tempranillo and Shiraz made by Eleana. We also had roasted chestnuts to go along with a new Nutbrown Ale from @BrightBrewery which I can say without hesitation is one of the best I've had!
It was the best way to end a day of amazing sights and experiences and the walk over the ridge to Ringer Reef winery for dinner just capped it off perfectly. I'm so grateful for all the planning and thought that went into this day. It couldn't have been more enjoyable.
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I was sitting alone at the lookout atop Mt Buffalo, just contemplating the vastness in front of me and trying to wrap my head around the type of person who would strap a large kite to their back and leap off such a place when a car pulled up driven by a fairly innocuous older couple. She wandered off to read the posted signs and he sidled up next to me as I ate grapes from a bag and we both stared out wordlessly. He broke the silence after a minute or so and said, "You could murder someone, just slit their throat and disappear into that bush and no one would ever find you...amazing isn't it?" My response is barely worth mentioning because I can barely remember it, but I did stop eating grapes and quietly thought that maybe "Wolf Creek" is something tourists to Australia should be more concerned about than spiders or snakes or crocodiles.😳 I told this story to a group at the end of the #Bright17Instameet whilst we had beers @brightbrewery thinking I'd posted this photo. Turns out I'd only posted it to Facebook so here's the whole thing in a format that instagram can appreciate. I took this photo weeks before I decided to move to Bright during a long weekend I spent becoming familiar with the area. I didn't let the old man's casual suggestion of murder and escape put me off the idea of living here but I doubt I'll do much hiking/camping on my own just the same. 😐😏 #MtBuffalo #MountBuffalo #NaturalRockFormation #ManmadeRockFormation #LoveBright #Bright #BrightIsBeautiful #16x9 #16x9photography

I have such a love/hate relationship with black and white photos. I love other people's and hate my own. 😏Obviously it's an editing issue because I don't 'shoot' in black and white and I rarely 'see' in black and white.
Anyway that's a convoluted way to start a caption but it's a way to explain my choice with this photo. These tobacco drying kilns have been out of use since at least '04-'05 when the last contracts were bought out in this area. They've fallen into disrepair since then and they make for great photo subjects if you can just decide what to do with them.
#TobaccoKiln #bright17instameet #LoveBright #Sunset #BnW #BlackandWhite #AllLeanyAndShit #Bright #BrightIsBeautiful

What an awesome weekend. I got to see some of the most spectacular views around Bright, eat and drink some of the finest local produce/wine/beer and gin and put faces to the instagram names of some incredibly nice people. I sometimes tend towards isolation but I am so very happy I said "yes" to #Bright17Instameet 😊
I think these two photos say a lot without showing a lot. Silhouettes are so evocative to me. What they lack in fine detail leaves the viewer to fill in with their own imagination and it inevitably leans more towards emotional details than the visual. The first photo is when a few people decided that shots from atop the 'Tour Of Duty' truck would add an extra something to their photos but I loved the silhouette it created against the pastel sky. I can see a story in this photo and it encapsulated the general feeling of that beautiful start to our day.
Photo two, was taken by the talented @merrijignic as I stood looking down into the deep gorge made by Crysta Falls. Nicola framed her shot with me to one side; I was about to move when she froze me with a ver commanding "DON'T MOVE"...and when Nicola uses her Mum-voice you listen! 😝
I think she caught me exactly as I felt that morning; a little sleep deprived, a little chilly and so incredibly in awe of where I was that it transfixed me. Something about staring down into hundreds of metres of sheer rock face and water cascading can force your lizard brain to really question your choices. 😏
Thank you for allowing me to post this photo Nicola! πŸ™πŸΎ
Also thank you to @brightandsurrounds (Pia) @brightmystic (Brendan) and @brightbeerjames (James) for organising such a superb weekend and for coordinating it all so well. It was a pleasure being part of it all and a pleasure meeting you. 😊

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Well, at the risk of being accused of spamming/over posting I'm gonna hit you with this one. The plant life here is so familiar to me because it's literally the same as in BC. The trees aren't native of course, they've been planted as forestry product for the lumber industry; but it makes me feel so at home to see it all around me. Oh, and the backdrop is kinda pretty too. 😏😁
Pretty sure this qualifies as the 'T' I needed to complete the game of Bright bingo. YAY!
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I want to imagine long hallways with crazy carpeting and wallpaper, with the occasional visit from long dead twins chanting "RedRum" as you spin a BigWheel trike around a blind corner...but the gorgeous look of the first rays of sun hitting the entrance to the chalet just defeats those thoughts. 😏
It would be a shame to lose this place completely so I hope they figure out a way to either renovate or replace this historic building. I'm glad I got to see at least this much though.
#MorningLight #BrightIsBeautiful #bright17instameet #Bright #MountBuffalo #MountBuffaloChalet #LoveBright

Nothing like blindly following a group of people into a fiery blaze at 6am in the morning. My decision making skills are crap that early in the day. It's why I only take my coffee black; the whole milk/cream/sugar thing requires too much thought process.
These are the Heads of other people in the #Bright17Instameet leading me to a place to see another sunrise. Morning mist and early light ahead makes for a dramatic horizon.
#LoveBright #MtBuffalo #Bright #BrightIsBeautiful #Boardwalk #Instagrammers #Mist #MorningLight

Also, I claim the 'H' in the "heads" of other people. I may be pushing the limits of the game but that's what limits are for. 😏

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