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Brad Bellavance  🔹Personal Trainer at Brady's Fitness 🔹Niagara College Fitness & Health 🔹Fascial Stretch Therapist 🔹Darby Training Systems Lv1 🔹TRX certified

Blasting some shoulders and core @bradysfitness with this unique movement. When performing this exercise, begin by bracing your core, followed by bringing your chest down close to the bar and finally begin pressing forward from that position. You can increase the resistance by adding thicker bands💪🏻 Credit to @mike_lockley for the move
Music🎵chainsmokers-breakup every night(dark heart remix)

Testimonial Tuesday ...if that's a thing.
Here's what @blissofbean had to say about her experience with small group training. “I am 8 weeks into small group training and I plan on celebrating my 40th birthday in a strong body I'll hardly believe is mine. Small group training with Brad Bellevance has been the perfect fit for this shy-out-of-shape girl. He recognized my individual abilities and quickly built on them with accessible and effective excercises. There's no cheating yourself out of a good workout with Brad coaching you the entire way. I always walk away feeling exhausted, stronger and proud of what I've accomplished. There's a lot more to do but seeing the small transformation already keeps me motivated and coming back for more.” #fitness #fitfam #workout #training #smallgrouptraining #personaltraining #bradysfitness #mobilityworx #strength #weightloss #testimonialtuesday

Ouu what a feeling🎵 - if you've never experienced Fascial Stretch Therapy, there's no feeling quite like it. After just one hour on the table you'll experience a feeling some have described as "feeling lighter", more mobile, less restricted, relaxed and just an overall good feeling.
Here's what Pete Matheson had to say about FST - "I have suffered from lower back pain for over 10 years. I have tried Physiotherarpy, Massage and Chiropractic all will no results. Brad suggested that I try Fst. After the 3rd session I found myself sleeping through the night and not waking up in pain. With the daily stretches and core exercises he gave me I remain pain free."
**Video sped up 2x** #fst #fascialstretchtherapy #mobility #painfree #movement #personaltraining #fitness #bradysfitness #mobilityworx #traction

Little Pull and Push action tonight to start my workout. Here I am doing my 6th set of 6 reps with banded deadlifts superset with HSPU. Loving these new @bradysfitness bamboo work shirts 👌🏼 Song🎵 superstar - ft.krewella (Alexi remix)
#workout #fitness #personaltraining #bradysfitness #mobilityworx #fitfam #deadlifts #handstandpushup

Trigger points and tight muscles, say hello to my little friend the Theragun G2 pro.
The combination of releasing trigger points with the Theragun and Fascial Stretch Therapy has proven to be extremely effective with several of my #FST clients. Not only is this thing great for my clients, but I can also self treat any trigger points or tight/sore muscles I may have. Shout out to and @bradysfitness for recommending I get one, definitely a great investment.
#theragun #g2pro #vibrationtherapy #triggerpoint #fascia #fascialstretchtherapy #therapy #fitness #bradysfitness #mobilityworx

Today I felt extremely unmotivated to lift any weights. Like most days I forced myself to the gym in hopes of killing a workout so I would feel better. Unfortunately it was just one of those days where I felt off, so I listened to my body and didn't do the workout I had planned ..instead of calling it a day I decided to spend the hour practising some muscle ups.

I've always been frustrated with muscle ups as I've felt I should be able to do them but have never been successful at it. I figured if I can do pull ups why can't I do a muscle up....well the answer lies within the technique. I haven't mastered this skill yet, however, in this video you'll see me practising using a resistance band to assist me. Swipe left to see me struggle to sequence more then a couple reps together.
#fitness #workout #muscleup #muscleups #bradysfitness #personaltraining #lifestyle #yqg #windsor #training #technique #skills

Practising new skills while waiting for a client....Got pretty excited here when I finaly completed one measly handstand pushup.
I've been practising this every day for the last few weeks and the hardest part I'm finding is staying in one place without constantly having to re adjust my hands. Handstand walks are easy in comparison.
Swipe left to watch me fail a few times
#fitness #handstand #handstandpushup #workout #bradysfitness #mobilityworx #personaltraining #weightloss #strength #training

Here we have @stacey.mousseau performing some Unilateral KB front loaded Bulgarian split squats @bradysfitness. Stacey makes them look easy here, however, this is after nearly 5 months of consistent stability work.
Stacey is the definition of a true warrior (literally... she was in the army ...pretty badass if you ask me) Unfortunately for Stacey she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis several years back, which took a huge toll on her balance and stability.
When Stacey and I sat down nearly 6 months ago, her goals were clear and simple....regain her balance and stability and learn how to move properly, all while loosing a little weight (however weight loss was not the main focus). Nearly 6 months later, after achieving all her goals, she has now set out to compete at the Invictus Games in competitive indoor rowing. Stacey is the definition of #inspiring

#proudtrainer #fitness #bradysfitness #fitfam #workout #personaltraining #mobilityworx #stability #invictus #invictusgames #indoorrowing
Song : demons - we are fury🎵

New Years Small group Training @bradysfitness
Huge thanks to all who've signed up already. The Monday/Wed/Saturday class has officially been filled with 6 girls in the first 24hours.
With that being said I've had several requests to run another evening class as well as later mornings for those mom's who need to put their children on the bus.

Here is a list of class times
Beginning January 8th.
Monday/Wed 530pm & Saturday at 9am - Closed all 6 spots reserved
Tuesday/Thursday 530pm & Saturday 10am - Open 6 spots remaining
Monday/Wed/Friday 1015am - Open 5 of 6 spots remaining
Private message for more info or to reserve your spot.
*Reserve by Dec 29th and receive a free 1 hour Fascial Stretch Therapy session*

Huge thank you to @windsorstar for doing a write up on @shehaslostit weight loss journey and our quest to be on the @amazingracecda.
Also another huge thank you to @bradysfitness and my fellow trainers for allowing us to interupt some of the high quality training sessions taking place.

Bottoms Up Kettkebell Holds Give this one a try and see how long you can hold it for on each arm
Here I am using a 35lb KB at the end of my workout and I managed about 57seconds (video is sped up)
Personal Goal is 90sec each side

Keys to the movement; ▪keep elbow/arm up at 90deg & in front of body ▪engage your core, glutes and lats (brace yourself)
▪breathe behind the brace (holding your breathe will only make you fail much quicker)
▪seems easy at first but gets hard very quickly
Song 🎵 - Moonlight by Tavi Castro ft. Jay Fonseca

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