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Me: am I getting my braces off today?

Orthodontist: no, you'll be getting a thicker wire and continue wearing the rubber bands. Maybe next time.


when people are bragging about getting their braces off before you πŸ˜…

Happy birthday America. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈπŸ’™

When you realize your orthodontist appointment is tomorrow and you haven't been wearing your rubber bands
Sorry I haven't been active! I finished up my freshman year of college (finally) and decided to take summer courses. I was super overwhelmed. But I'm off for the summer now! 😊

When it's your first day back at school after getting your braces off 😎 #myshinyteethandme

Orthodontist: "you won't be getting your braces off today, continue wearing your rubber bands and you might get them off next time."

Orthodontist: "why haven't you been wearing your rubber bands?"

When you think about all the food you're gonna eat when you get your braces off

What are you excited to eat again when you get yours off? The first thing I ate was fried cheese sticks πŸ˜‚

Doing this again since I {finally} hit 7K followers! Thanks so much!

Comment your state/country! I live in Georgia. πŸ‘

I've been getting lots of questions about flossing with braces, so here you go. These floss threaders make flossing easy, but it is a little time consuming. Your orthodontist should give you a pack of these floss threaders.
Flossing is important! Take care of your braces.


In honor of the Jet Black Heart music video, I'll post this.
This is a video I took at the New Broken Scene in October. If you've never listened to or don't particularly like 5sos, I highly encourage you to listen to their new album, Sounds Good Feels Good. Their music has a much deeper meaning than the crap they play on the radio now. They address topics such as depression, suicide, and going through divorce. Please check out this album. I hope it will help y'all as much as it has helped me. ❀️

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